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The Madala Magic and the Cocoum Valoum: two innovations made in Mason Ewing Corporation

The mysteries of Jonathanland- in pursuit of Madala Magic
MasonEwing Corporation

At the heart of the American holding company Mason Ewing Corporation, innovation is the key word. What has been driving this company since its creation in 2011, its DNA, is the creation of unexpected projects, largely focused on the world of children and led by their mascot, the beloved Baby Madison. Just recently, since February 2024, the company, which often keeps its ongoing projects secret, has unveiled the preparation of two exclusive releases that promise to enchant magic and fantasy enthusiasts. Named the Madala Magic and the Cocoum Valoum, these products come straight from Jonathanland, the fictional city where many heroes of the Baby Madison franchise can be found, such as the infant himself, the young investigator Eli Tilmann, the teenage cyborg Coia, the pin-up Shelly Gold, and many others. Exclusively available on Toombow Kids, our team reveals all the behind-the-scenes information from the MEC.

The Madala Magic: lollipops that invite you on an adventure

Under the artistic direction of their creator, Mason Ewing, the packaging of the Madala Magic lollipops has been designed to catch the eye and arouse curiosity with the image of Madala, an elf with a sharp green hat, brown skin, and mischievous brown-green eyes. This mysterious creature lives in the Golden Eagle Forest in Jonathanland and has always been surrounded by mysteries. According to the legends of the city, with his wife named Cocoum Valoum, he is an ancestral protector of children who wander in the woods. Johnlandian mythology recounts that he once rescued a boy named Swan, the brother of a very creative girl named Lili Smooth. With his wife, they then decided to entrust this promising Johnlandian human confectioner with the secret of their magical recipes. This is how Smooth would have developed the Madala Magic lollipops, delicious and enchanting, as well as the Cocoum Valoum drink.

Far from contenting themselves with attractive packaging for their sweets, the Mason Ewing Corp group intends to bring added value by preparing them with the best fruits from Cameroon using natural sugars and no added sugars. To ensure a true moment of escape, they have also promised to include in their confectionery very rare exotic flavors that the public is not used to and that will allow customers to discover new tastes. Finally, the lollipop packaging will be in repackaged sachets, a testimony to the brand’s commitment to the environment.

The Cocoum Valoum: the sparkling drink that breathes magic

Also mentioned in many stories from the fictional city of Jonathanland, the Cocoum Valoum has been announced as a future sparkling drink with an uncommon design. Indeed, its appearance of a can coupled with a flask and adorned with a swan’s head as a lid evokes all the magic of the Baby Madison universe and pays homage to this majestic animal often found in its stories. The emblem of this drink, the pretty elf Cocoum Valoum, has, like her husband, a complete story. Inspired by a mysterious dream, she drew from the secrets of nature to create a drink that is both refreshing and enchanting, with lots of magical bubbles, capable of giving positive energy to those who taste it. In Jonathanland, everyone loves this beverage, especially children and teenagers.

A gourmet future

Originally just ideas presented in stories such as in volume 1 of The Adventures of Eli Tilmann entitled The Mystery of Athon Forrester, the Madala Magic and the Cocoum Valoum are increasingly becoming real products. These two novelties, which will once again be highlighted in the upcoming second volume of The Adventures of Elimann titled The Secret of the Madala Magic, truly reflect the spirit of the Baby Madison world: innovation and fantasy. Moreover, Mason Ewing’s brother, Martin, who is an engineer, is currently conducting tests in Kribi, Cameroon, to create Madala Magic. This initiative aims to ensure the quality of the products and to ensure that they meet the company’s high standards. Finally, it is important to note that the Madala Magic and the Cocoum Valoum are part of a broader universe: Jonathanland. This universe is rich in details and derivative products, similar to the Harry Potter franchise, offering the public numerous ways to enter the Baby Madison universe.