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Isma’s Tips: “The Adventures of Eli Tilmann”

Isma's Tips “The Adventures of Eli Tilmann”
Toombow Kids

Does the name “Eli Tilmann” ring a bell? He’s the here  of a new book that was just published, and I have to tell you about him because I love him! First of all, hello readers, and welcome to Isma’s advice column! This month, as you might have guessed, I’m going to tell you about one of my favorites. No, I’m not talking about a boy, but about the novel The Adventures of Eli Tilmann: The Mystery of Athon Forrester! Do you want to discover a new story with a group of cool heroes living incredibly crazy stories? Then stick with Toombow Kids, you won’t be disappointed!

The Adventures of Eli Tilmann: The Mystery of Athon Forrester was written by Mason Ewing. To give you a better idea, I’ll tell you a little about the story without revealing any secrets. Eli Tilmann is the leading character of the story and he lives in Jonathanland. He’s a 17-year-old high school student who loves to investigate with his two best friends Logan Lost and Johnny Glanderwood. One day, while he’s eating breakfast, he sees the face of a boy his own age outside his kitchen window. If I were in his shoes, I’d have locked myself in my room, but Eli decided to find out who it was. However, when he looked out into the street, the boy had disappeared. So creepy! And what’s worse, he realized a little later that this mysterious boy who had been looking at him with a very strange expression on his face was actually Athon Forrester, who had gone missing. As you might expect, Eli and his friends set out to find him, and that’s where the strange stuff happens…

First of all, I have to tell you about Eli: he’s very endearing! Throughout the book, he continually talks to the reader as soon as something happens! If something weird has happened to him, if he’s going to spend the afternoon with his friends, if he’s had a fight with his brother or sister, it feels like we’re in his diary and he trusts us enough to tell us everything! What’s more, we have to admit that he has a lot of mysterious and sometimes disturbing stories to tell! In the book, there are two girls who are quite cray cray! One is called Sharon and the other Laurie, and I don’t know which is worse! Honestly, they say things and do things that are too strange! So much so that now when one of my friends says something weird, I say they’ve done a Sharon or a Laurie! But don’t worry, it’s not just frightening stuff going on, not at all! There’s plenty of humor too, with some really funny stories when Eli is with his family (yes, because he has a mom, a dad, a twin sister called Kimberly Tilmann and a little brother called Conrad Tilmann). Conrad is a little rascal who uses his charm to hoodwink people to get what he wants, and Kimberly is a beauty queen who’s very cheap but also very beautiful! I won’t tell you any more, as I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

You see, I may only be 11 years old, but I’m a real journalist, and to prove it to you, I did exactly what Eli did: I investigated the book! I found out that the author said this book is the first in a saga that’s going to be very big! I can’t wait to discover the other mysteries going on in Jonathanland and find out more about the town too. There are so many places there that I’d love to visit, like the Magic Bubbles Restaurant, which looks magnificent and so delicious! On the other hand, I won’t always order burgers like Eli, Logan and Johnny, I’ll change it up and ask Mom to get me a tomato salad!

The book is available everywhere on the internet, and if you Google its title, you’ll find it in English, French and even an audio version so that blind people can enjoy it. Isn’t that great! There’s more good news… every time you buy a book, 20% of the proceeds will go to the SOS Madison International Foundation, which does a lot of work to help children around the world, including in orphanages.

What’s more, one of the books on sale contains a Mystery Ticket. Whoever finds it has the right to appear in the next Eli Tilmann story. Isn’t that amazing! Unfortunately I didn’t find it, but maybe you’ll be luckier than me. Keep me posted! See you soon for more tips and long live the adventure!

Hi, you don't know me yet but my name is Isma. I'm a 10 year old journalist who loves to read and write. I have lots to share with you ! Come and discover my column with your parents, a little reading before bedtime is good for growing up. See you soon