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Baby Madison, the son of Mason Ewing

Baby Madison, the son of Mason Ewing
Mason Ewing Corporation

The year 2024 has barely begun, but it already appears very promising for Baby Madison, the mascot of the American holding company Mason Ewing Corporation. While new projects are taking shape around him, his American-Cameroonian creator, Mason Ewing, certainly does not lack vision despite his blindness. He is preparing a series of contracts to propel his baby into the spotlight. Like a rising star, Baby Madison is gaining momentum, embodying the timeless values stated by his father: “a baby does not lie, does not judge, loves everyone.” Toombow Kids returns to your side with the surprises that this mixed-race infant, who intends to make a big impact, has in store for the world.

Since its creation in Meaux, France, in 2005, Baby Madison, characterized by its mixed skin, almond-shaped blue eyes, and blonde lock of hair, has undergone a real ordeal. The only person believing in him at the time, his creator Mason Ewing, never gave up, continuing to develop the universe of his mascot despite the criticisms and obstacles placed in his path in France. An extraordinary ascent, as since the entrepreneur presented his creation in the United States in Los Angeles, where he established himself, major entertainment companies have shown interest in little Madison. And he has plenty of projects to present to Americans!

In late September 2021, the publishing house Ewing Publication, a subsidiary of MEC (Mason Ewing Corporation), released “Madison in India,” a comic book in which Madison travels to Mumbai with his baby friends, Lady Mary and Christopher, to help an Indian girl named Daya who lost her mother. This first foray laid the foundations for a world of adventures, magic, and solidarity, which now continues in a second volume in full preparation, titled “SOS Maël.” In this new story, Baby Madison, accompanied by his faithful friends Timmy, a non-sighted baby, and the charming Laïla, a little North African, embark on a perilous mission to Paris to save Maël, a teenager who became homeless with his parents due to Covid-19. As with the first comic book, Ewing himself writes the script and takes care of the artistic direction with the aim of proving that even a non-sighted person can excel in details and produce quality work. Given the positive feedback on the first volume, it is likely that “SOS Maël” will double the success. In addition to this upcoming literary release, many other projects around the baby born in the city of Jonathanland are kept secret and well underway according to the statements of the company’s management.

Furthermore, Baby Madison aims to win new awards. On December 17, 2021, Afrimpact Magazine had already awarded Baby Madison an unprecedented award in recognition of his distinguished role as a defender of children’s rights. This distinction made history by making him the first fictional character to be honored for his humanitarian commitments. This award also paid tribute to the Mason Ewing Corporation and its eponymous creator, Mason Ewing, a fervent advocate for the rights of children and people with disabilities. Indeed, the humanitarian commitment of Baby Madison extends far beyond the borders of the fictional world through the SOS Madison International foundation, of which he is the figurehead.

The actions carried out by this humanitarian organization of Baby Madison include the donation of a Marie-Antoinette dress to support the fight against AIDS in Congo, sponsorship in 2015 for education in Cameroon, a charity gala in 2015 for the construction of a shelter, sending Madison Color Christmas T-shirts in Braille for sick children in 2015, support in 2016 for a charitable event in the face of the civil war in Gabon, a visit to Yaoundé in 2017 to provide equipment to orphanages, support in 2019 for an orphanage in New Bombay, cleaning fan zones during the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon in 2021, etc. It is also worth noting that he supports the cause of children and adolescents and strives to uphold their rights and protect them through the Baby Madison Label organization, initially developed in France and now planned for expansion to the United States. With these actions, Baby Madison aims to obtain many more awards in the future that can increase his fame and leave a positive impact in the world of children.

With a series of innovative projects, this baby mascot of the Mason Ewing Corporation promises to bring a breath of fresh air to the youth entertainment scene, and you can count on Toombow Kids to stay tuned and share with you the mysteries that Baby Madison has in store.