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Jonathanland’s secrets

The production company Ewing Power Production created a surprise a few days ago by unveiling a special video on its website. It features an immersion in Jonathanland, the fictional city imagined as the center of the adventures of the American baby Madison and his friends, as well as other new heroes such as Eli Tilmann whose first volume of adventures will be released this year… For those who missed it, Toombow Kids describes this teaser, which displays all the ambitions of the Mason Ewing Corporation!

At the end of 2022, the production company EPP announced to the press its will to create a realistic 3D video presenting Jonathanland, a city created by Mason Ewing, which represents one of the key elements of the Baby Madison universe. In September 2022, Ewing Power Production shared on its social networks a preview of the municipality via several visuals, but it was still difficult to realize the scale of the project. Now, with this video of more than a minute that reveals the city, we realize for the first time how large Jonathanland is.

From an aerial viewpoint overlooking the city, we see hundreds of buildings such as houses, apartments, villas and many others that all have different designs depending on the neighborhood where they are located. Just like Los Angeles, we can see from the first seconds during a global tracking shot that Jonathanland presents a varied environment. From the sandy beaches on the edge of Paradise Slow to the mountain ranges around Flowerwood and the forest on the outskirts of Timothy Village, not forgetting the sea along San Africa, a lot of work has been done on the city’s environment to make it as realistic as possible. As well as each alley, lamp post, bush or other elements of scenery that may seem insignificant but which contribute to the realism of the city. However, we notice that the camera lingers on certain places in particular…

One of the places in the spotlight is obviously Baby Madison’s villa. Located in Timothy Village at 8230 Max Logan Street, we had already seen a first glimpse of its beauty in various 2D illustrations, but that has nothing to do with the evolution it presents today. In 3D, we can see how large this building is and how many details it has, from the white stone to the red roof and the extremely realistic garden. If the mansion was designed to be a centerpiece of the teaser, it’s for a simple reason that Mason Ewing, creator of Baby Madison in 2005, told us: because this big house is very important in the life of the infant hero. It is indeed where he has his daily routines, with all his toys, where he spends the best moments of his young life playing with his puppy Scoot. Moreover, this place is the starting point of each of his adventures in his comic book collection, since each time, he is under his comforter in his room when he sees in his dream a child in the world who calls him to come to his rescue.

Another popular place in the video that’s part of the mixed-race baby’s universe: the Magic Bubbles Restaurant. To discover it, the camera places us from the point of view of a car with a vision below and gives us the opportunity to observe a large building, giving us the impression that it is formed of a giant soap bubble. When this building only existed in drawings, many questions were asked, but now that we can see it in realistic 3D, this restaurant is even more intriguing. Toombow Kids sought to answer a recurring question about the secrets behind the restaurant’s architecture, but EPP’s 3D team said that information was confidential. As a consolation, the curious can always try to find clues about the restaurant in the books published by Ewing Publication and in the merchandise.

Among the other important buildings represented, we can mention the E One Press tower and the Jonathanland train station. The former is impossible to miss as it is huge and powerful compared to the surrounding buildings. As for the second one, you will be surprised by its fidelity compared to the model you can find in « The Little Guide to Jonathanland » and especially by the realism of its facade with golden ornaments.

The promotional video made by EPP Animation does not simply present a series of buildings and landscapes just for aesthetics. Jonathanland is not static, it is a city that is at the heart of Baby Madison’s stories and universe : in its books, TV series, animated series, video games, and current and future spin-off products. With this teaser, EPP reaffirms its will to innovate the audiovisual world and invites us to follow closely the progress of their work in the years to come. And as the audiovisual company’s teams like to say, “Jonathanland is the future!”