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Farid, doting father, talks to us about parenthood

Farid, doting father, talks to us about parenthood
Toombow Kids

Since the birth of his son Louaï nine months ago in France, Farid Djouada has hardly had a moment to himself! A truck driver for many years, this 41-year-old father, whose father is Algerian and whose mother is Moroccan, has quit his job to devote himself to bringing up his baby son. Already the father of a 14-year-old daughter called Mayssanne from a previous marriage, Farid is now experiencing the joys of parenthood once again with his new wife, who is also a first-time mother. With her, he is busy raising his son at home, and he spoke to our magazine about his day-to-day life as a stay-at-home dad and all that it involves.

After 8 am, there’s no question of Farid staying in bed to rest a bit longer, because Louaï is awake, and he’s making it known! But that’s no problem for the 40-year-old, who has always wanted to experience these moments. Even at the age of 13, he dreamed of having a family with 3 children. This goal is now two-thirds fulfilled, and Farid and his wife plan on having another child, but not for a few years yet. The birth of his daughter Mayssane 14 years ago turned his world upside down and changed his outlook on life and his behaviour: fewer outings, more time at home and, above all, more concern about doing things right to give his child the best possible future. Very affectionate with his son and daughter, they are loving with him too, and that’s something Farid appreciates more than anything!

“I love cuddling! When my son says ‘Daddy’ and I have to take him in my arms to comfort him because he’s been crying, or to play with him, it’s bliss. I’m a doting father and I think there’s no greater love than the love you show your child. Children bring a lot of love into the home”.

Each day, Farid spends a lot of time playing with his baby. Firmly opposed to the idea of exposing him to television, given his young age, he prefers to play games with him and work on his motor skills. This is important at a time when his son is “crawling like a snake,” he says with a laugh. As for taking time for himself, Farid waits for his son’s naps and bedtime, often around 8 pm. When it comes to sharing tasks to take care of Louaï, the father of the family can count on his wife. They make a great team. He believes that the key is mutual support, and is convinced that it is essential for a baby to have both a mother and father around. Asked about becoming a father again after 14 years, Farid has a definite opinion.

“It’s the same joy! Of course there are inconveniences like waking up at night, the stress when your little one has a fever… It’s not all rosy, it requires money and a lot of education, but on the whole it’s just happiness! I’d forgotten a lot of little things, but it’s like riding a bike, once you learn how to do it, you never forget! What’s more, I’m really happy to see my new wife and daughter, who are getting on wonderfully, so happy. It’s my partner’s first baby, so she’s overjoyed. My daughter loves her role as protective big sister and she adores her little brother. “

Like some babies, Louaï doesn’t like being in his own bed, so for the time being he sleeps with his parents. When he has tantrums and cries, his father has found the miracle solution to calm him immediately: a car ride! What’s more, the baby loves nature and is delighted with baby carriage rides he takes with his parents on the weekend. Farid also has a few words to say to men who are about to become fathers.

“Your life is going to change radically. It’s important to give your baby the utmost love. I’m repeating myself, but it’s nothing but happiness! Be patient and give your best for him! A lot of dads think that it’s up to the mom to take 80% of the baby’s care, but that’s not true – both parents need to share the duties.”

Super Dad, a life-changing role that Farid is fully enjoying!

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