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Baby Madison: Christmas is every day!

Baby Madison Christmas
Madison Color

Based in Los Angeles since October, entrepreneur and creative artist Mason Ewing and his team have brought the Baby Madison concept to the City of Angels. It’s a new and innovative universe in textiles and entertainment. Described as “a giant Christmas present” by its founder, Toombow Kids reports everything there is to know about the arrival of the Baby Madison brand in the United States, especially its original concepts.

Who is Baby Madison ? He’s the mascot of the American holding company Mason Ewing Corporation, Madison is an 11-month-old baby of mixed race, Jewish, with caramel skin, blue slanted eyes and a mesh of blond hair. Mason says he wanted this infant to be “a universal icon, a toddler who is cute, cool, and a symbol of tolerance that bridges the gap between different countries around the world.”

To make a splash in the U.S., the MEC team will launch the Madison Color collection with an exciting concept. The collection will be the first clothing brand in the world to feature Braille on its T-shirts, allowing blind and visually impaired people to know the color and design of the T-shirt. On each garment, the Baby Madison logo will be visible, dressed in an outfit from many different sports or occupations.

The brand has already received strong support in France from sportsmen and women such as the 1998 World Football Champion Emmanuel Petit, fashion personalities such as the designer Olivier Lapidus, and also in Monaco with the support of Prince Albert II, as well as other well-known international supporters.

Madison Color is now based in Los Angeles and intends to be distributed on a large scale. Two ambassadors, a man and a woman with natural beauty (inside and out !) will represent the brand internationally. In an exclusive interview with Toombow Kids, Madison Color’s team has disclosed that it has found the ideal male model, while conducting a search for a female model. The name of the lucky pair will be announced in 2023, and Madison Color plans to have both models walk famous runways, and also be featured in the press.

Baby Madison’s universe includes his family, friends, loved ones and even “Jonathanland,” the fictional town where he was born. The public can already get a glimpse of this vast and growing universe on the internet through various social networks and a fandom, a database full of information about the adventures of this good-natured baby. In Jonathanland, people from all walks of life, all religions and all skin colors live together. It’s truly universal.

In addition, ambitious projects have been announced for the future such as a groundbreaking amusement park called Madison Park, and a streaming platform called Madison Channel, which will be a revolution in home entertainment thanks to a truly ingenious concept, with its launch in 2025. As the Mickey Mouse character will enter the public domain in 2024, Baby Madison’s creator, Mason Ewing, says he intends to make Baby Madison the new darling of children around the world.

Moveover, the MEC team notes that many brands are neglecting values that are essential. Companies have shown a lack of consideration and lack of respect towards its employees. Also, company employees need to listen to be be open with each other. These cases are widespread in companies. MEC has made its position clear: it wants to have the soul of a family business with a caring and supportive mentality. That’s why the company plans to recruit energetic people who understand the “Baby Madison spirit” so it can expand its world.

The company is also very involved in children’s causes and has already created a project through its SOS Madison International foundation to bring a smile to the daily lives of orphans. Called “The Basket of Hope,” this action which will take place every year at Christmas, starting in 2023. It will send a huge basket filled with Baby Madison goodies to different orphanages in the world for Christmas. From comic books and T-shirts to card games and puzzles, the team at MEC says they want to make Christmas Eve a magical and memorable time for these children.

To develop Baby Madison’s growth and expand its influence and number of derivative products, the Mason Ewing Corporation welcomes American investors who still have a childlike spirit, love challenges, and are not afraid to compete with giants likeDisney. As Mason Ewing himself says, “For Baby Madison, it’s all about the Christmas spirit every day! “