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Isma’s Tips – “The Enchanted Snowman”

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Hi friends ! How are you doing? I’m happy to share “Isma’s Tips” column today with you! I’m also glad it’s December, which is my favorite month of the year. Do you know why? Because Christmas is almost here! I love this holiday because I’m going to see all my family, my grandparents, cousins, and aunties. We’ll have so much fun. Today, I will tell you about a story that’s perfect for the winter theme called The Enchanted Snowman, which was written by Mason Ewing in 2022. I’ll wrap up in my red blanket, finish my hot chocolate, and off we go!

The story takes place in Jonathanland, a fictional town that’s also the setting for The Kissing Monster and The Train of Dreams, which I’ve told you about before. This book is part of the series called The Adventures of Madison. The story’s main characters are a girl named Rose and her neighbor, a boy named Ferdinand. Since it’s almost Christmas and it’s snowing a lot, Rose and her big brother are building a snowman in their backyard. But what she doesn’t know is that thanks to this snowman, who is called Mr. Me, she will have lots of adventures and get to know her young neighbor Ferdinand, who comes from France and is hiding a secret…

I am already a fan of the drawings! There is snow everywhere on the pages, the characters are dressed in winter clothes like coats, gloves, hats, which it gives a magical atmosphere! I wish it was snowing at home in France too, but I know that Mom would complain that it’s annoying to go to work. But I don’t care, I really want to make a snowman like Mr. Me! He’s funny, nice, endearing, and on top of that, he has magical powers. Anyway, this is the kind of story you read with a blanket on the couch by the fireplace. It puts me in the Christmas mood right away!

I love when Rose meets Ferdinand. He is a boy from France who unfortunately is sick. I think it’s important to talk about children with illnesses because you don’t see many books where they’re the main characters, yet in everyday life there are many. His story made me sad and I was afraid for him at times because of his fragile health. Fortunately, the magic of Christmas is here! You’ll understand why I say that when you read the book… Oh and then I have to tell you, I love Rose and her big brother Taylor so much, they are adorable! They both have different coloroed eyes, one black eye and one turquoise blue. Plus, they are super friendly, they play games together and everything! It makes me want to have a little brother! This way, I won’t have to play with dolls anymore, I’ll dress him up with a green elf hat, a white fur sweater that looks like snow and brown reindeer slippers!

The Enchanted Snowman is a great book that I recommend! If you want to give a nice surprise to your kids or your little sisters and brothers, then you can buy it, wrap it and put it at the foot of the tree! We’ll be decorating our Christmas tree soon with lots of pretty garlands and decorations. I also wish a Merry Christmas to all the children of the world and I have a special thought for all the children in the orphanages because I know that everyone does not have the chance to be surrounded by caring people. I send you a lot of magic, a lot of love, and my Christmas wish for you is that one day you leave happily with people who love you! I must leave you now, I’ll join my family and we’ll watch a romantic comedy movie.

By the way, did you write a letter to Santa? I hope you get everything you asked for!

Happy Holidays to all my readers!

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