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Isma’s advice: « Madison in India »

Isma's advice « Madison in India »
Toombow Kids

Hi friends, I hope you’re well! It’s been a looooong time since we’ve connected on Toombow Kids. I’ve missed writing reviews for you, but I must confess I’ve been very busy with the end of my 6th grade classes. This year, I’ve done well at school, I don’t have to repeat a year. But even if that’s happened to you, don’t be discouraged, next time you’ll succeed! Anyway, I can’t wait to start 7th grade in September.

At last ! It’s vacation time in France! It feels great, I’m going to relax and I’ve already planned lots of things to do! First of all, I’ll probably go on vacation with my family, and when I get home, I’ll be inviting some of my girlfriends over. Now I’ll have a lot more time to read! In fact, today I’m not sharing a book with you as usual, but a comic book. It’s my favorite of the summer and I think it’s perfect for those who want to travel! Come on, I’ll stop stalling and introduce you to Madison in India!

This comic book was written by Mason Ewing, with illustrations by Renuka Sawant, and was published in September 2021 by Ewing Publication. It’s the story of a baby named Baby Madison who has special powers, but shhhh that’s something his parents don’t know. He talks, he has angel wings and he can hop in an enchanted object called Magical Bubble to travel the world in a giant magic bubble. He lives in Jonathanland in the United States, but he uses it to travel to countries where children have called him for help. For example, in this first volume, Mason sees in his dreams a girl named Daya calling him for help because her mommy has disappeared. So he sets off for India with a girlfriend called Lady Mary, and his friend Christopher, to rescue her…

What I loved about Madison in India are the adventures, because in many of the stories I read, the heroes are bigger, but here they’re just babies. That means they’re so cute and they behave like little kids: sometimes they sulk easily, they need naps, they love bottles, they’re innocent… I think it’s fun, it’s a change! And Christopher makes me laugh, he’s a bit of a whiny friend who’s afraid of everything, Lady Mary is the positive baby who puts hearts everywhere (I won’t tell you too much, but it’s not just a figure of speech, she really does have the power to make hearts appear lol) and Baby Madison is very joking and sweet. And what I love is that they know how to be serious, even heroic when they need to be. I swear I don’t know of any babies like that, it’s worth a look! By the way, Mommy just had a baby and now I’ve got a little brother just like Baby Madison!

You know, when I read, I like to learn new things about countries, people, animals, nature, all that stuff. What’s great about Madison in India is that I discovered so much about this great country, what style of clothes people wear, what the streets look like, the great monuments, even the customs. Mom, who helped with the research, told me that scriptwriter Mason Ewing had done a lot of research to make the comic as respectful and authentic to India as possible, and on top of that, the illustrator is Indian herself! What’s more, the book has beautiful drawings, of the characters and backgrounds, with wonderful colors.

Since I’m the type of person who asks lots of questions, there are also mysteries that make me curious, like : “Where did the Magical Bubbles come from?” “What are the powers of Madison’s other baby friends?” (there are nine babies in their gang) and lots more. But good news: this is just the first volume in the series, and there are plans for more. Baby Madison comes to the rescue of children from other countries! Can’t wait! And thanks to that, we’ll discover the famous mystery about the other Magical Bubbles. In the meantime, you can all order Madison in India in English, Spanish, French and other languages on the Internet. All you have to do is type in your name.

In any case, my dear readers, I wish you all an excellent summer vacation all over the planet! Enjoy, rest, have fun and take care of yourselves! Big kisses from your French friend!

Hi, you don't know me yet but my name is Isma. I'm a 10 year old journalist who loves to read and write. I have lots to share with you ! Come and discover my column with your parents, a little reading before bedtime is good for growing up. See you soon