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SOS: We must find Loky the dog !

Hello all you gossip fans! This is Miss Tagada. I hope you’re having a great week. I bet you’d like to hear some new gossip! To be honest, if I don’t discover any gossip, I’m very sad… Luckily for me, this day was full of twists and turns! This is so exciting, because I love being a gossip girl. I’ve got a great story for you today.

This morning, the citizens of Jonathanland woke up to a strange email: a missing persons notice, with a picture of Loky, the Parkash couple’s beloved dog! As the husband Kiran is a mailman, he took advantage of his morning round to place a “Missing Dog” notice in all the mailboxes of the city, while his wife Eloisa put up posters on street signs and the stores on San Africa, the neighborhood where they live.

Yes, I know, you’re thinking “What’s Kiran up to this time?” It’s true that he’s in the news a lot these days. Already, I thought it was going to be hard to find Loky, because he is a Chihuahua, which is the smallest dog breed in the world. The dog is so tiny, he can fit in a handbag! Even my beautiful bright red magic strawberries would be easier to find! But the problem is that Kiran started to get paranoid and accused everyone of kidnapping his dog! Tagada-ha-ha, go get the popcorn!

It’s true that in the last few weeks, I have heard quite a few neighbors complaining about Loky’s barking, especially very late at night. In the early afternoon, I saw Kiran walk up to the Cooper family house and ring the doorbell. When the father opened the door, I was shocked because Kiran started yelling at him saying that he must be the one who nabbed his sweet dog. I know that Mr. Cooper has already blamed him because his son Timmy is blind and he doesn’t appreciate Kiran letting his dog walk around without a leash. When he plays with his child in the garden, Loky can scare him. However, I can’t imagine Mr. Cooper hurting an animal at all, no way! That’s what he said to defend himself but Kiran didn’t want to hear it. And believe it or not, the mailman became incredibly angry, shouting so loudly that neighbors ended up calling Sheriff Hock Duck! Loky even scared my beautiful strawberries! He quickly arrived in a car and intervened to calm Kiran down, warning him that if he did it again, next time he would be punished for disturbing the peace. It’s a good thing he came because otherwise, I swear on my strawberries that Kiran could have started a fight! He’s usually a nice person, but when it comes to his beloved dog, he can be hot-blooded!

During this drama, I was able to watch little Timmy through his bedroom window. He may only be 11 months old, but I know he understood that something was wrong because he is a very clever and mischievous baby, like his friend Baby Madison. I hid in a tree and waited a while, then Mr. and Mrs. Cooper came out with Timmy in his stroller. My investigative instincts told me I must follow them and I was not disappointed! After a few minutes of following them, I noticed that Timmy was making a funny face and starting to sniff around. Suddenly, he started making excited noises, which got his parents’ attention. He waved his chubby little hands in the direction of a house and the parents, intrigued, moved closer.

And then, surprise! In the garden, near an open window, was Loky! His mouth was wide open, he looked hungry as he smelled the delicious smells coming from the house. This was the Ndoumbé family home where baby Lady Mary lives, and in the morning her father had been cooking ndolé, a Cameroonian specialty cooked with lots of tasty ingredients. It seems that Loky ran away because he smelled the tasty dish. What a little foodie! Wow, I am impressed by Timmy’s sense of smell which is highly developed! On top of it, he shows that even if you are handicapped and can’t see, you can do great things!

Without Timmy, we would have looked for the little dog for a long time… He is a superhero! Anyway, Kiran apologized to Timmy’s parents and everything is back to normal! See you soon my darling strawberries !

Lots of love,

Miss Tagada

Miss Tagada
Hi friends, my name is Miss Tagada and I'm Jonathanland’s gossip witch. Read my column, you won't be disappointed, because I have ears everywhere. The small elves in the forest tell me all the secrets of Jonathanland each night! With my broom, I'll take you on a journey through this city to discover the mysteries and juicy secrets of the people here. Uh oh ! Come on, I'll take you with me!