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Khadeeja, a mom of two lovely girls in Pakistan!

Khadeeja with her children
Khadeeja Ali

As the first destination of 2023, our Toombow train chose to go to Asia and stopped in Pakistan. He interviewed Khadeeja Ali, a happy mother of two little girls: Syeda Amna who is three and a half years old and Syed Eshal who is six months old. Raising two young children entails many responsibilities, that’s why this young 26-year-old Pakistani wanted to share her daily life in order to answer questions of future moms!

Khadeeja always knew she wanted to become a mother, but it’s only one year after getting married to her partner that the idea of having a child really blossomed in her mind. Today, she is the mother of not one but two little princesses. Very concerned about their well-being, the young mother made the choice to be a stay-at-home mom in order to be able to spend as much time as possible with them to guide them and help them learn. She still has time to work part-time as a designer and illustrator from her home, where she carries out commissions for individuals. This allows her to ensure that her daughters have an excellent education, while making income for the household. However, at the beginning, things were not easy…

 Many moms tend to think that other moms are doing a better job of balancing their lives in the months following the birth of their first child, but this is not the case. Each mother has to go through her own experiences to evolve, as Khadeeja admits she learned a lot by asking family and friends for help, especially during the early stages of motherhood when her body was recovering. Communication and support networks are therefore very important! Khadeeja needs to be highly organized to balance the household tasks, her work as an illustrator, and spending quality time with her children.

Indeed, although the children are young, they need a lot of attention and have enormous energy that needs to be channeled constantly. Khadeeja plays different games with her daughters. Also, she discusses religious practices with them. Pakistan is a very religious country and the most practiced religion is Hinduism. At other times, she likes to color with her older daughter, as her little sister looks on with a smile. She can share her passion with them, thus creating a special bond. This mother also keeps her daughters busy by playing cricket with them, a very popular team sport in their country. After they’ve had a good workout, Khadeeja has a quick and simple recipe to give them strength: pour vermicelli (thin noodles) in hot milk for a few minutes, add a little sugar and that’s it! When her eldest daughter has tantrums, the mother tends to be firm and to give her small punishments so that she can learn from her mistakes. For the New Year, Khadeeja and her daughters pray that the coming year will be filled with prosperity, happiness and health.

The Toombow Train and its team thank Khadeeja for sharing her daily life and wish her and her family a Happy New Year!

Hello to all parents and children around the world, as you can see, Toombow the train thinks of everyone. In this section, we will share the stories of some mothers and fathers, parents who are going through difficult times because of a disabled or sick child. Thanks to the love for their child, they keep hope, so come and discover their daily life, their joys and sorrows. Who knows, maybe it could help you, or give you ideas. This is Toombow the choo choo train !