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Former Mason Ewing Corporation talent soars!

Former Mason Ewing Corporation talent soars!
Prestige Capture

Mason Ewing Corporation believes in helping others, and over the years it has trained many talented young artists by giving them a solid foundation and the tools to stand out in the ultra-competitive art world. Milan Ewing is a former member of the M.E.C. team, and has worked with them from age 19 to 24. Now 26, he has launched his own company, Prestige Capture. He works like a conductor, and is involved in directing, producing and post-production. Exclusive interview with this versatile entrepreneur and videographer.

Toombow Kids: How did you get into the business you’re in ?

Milan: I wasn’t very academic at first. I dropped out of high school and started doing odd jobs when I was 17. Then I met Mason and despite my tumultuous past, he gave me the opportunity to join his company. It was there that I learned to work at a disciplined and productive pace, and I stopped procrastinating. I realized I had a passion for the audiovisual world. I started my own business because I wanted to create my own productions. I have the soul of an entrepreneur!

Toombow Kids: Since you were trained at Mason Ewing Corp, can you tell us about its method?

Milan: It’s no mystery, it has to do with the person who runs it all. Mason Ewing is a hard worker who demands rigor and a healthy lifestyle from the people he works with. These are essential things for anyone who wants to succeed as an entrepreneur. At his side, I also learned to develop myself as an artist as I was also an actor at the time. The secret of his success is that a he’s a very inspiring person due to his background and perseverance. He transmits his strength to his team and motivates them. This leads to great group unity in the projects.

Toombow Kids: Tell us about Prestige Capture. Why did you choose this name? What services does it offer?

Milan: I chose “Prestige” because I decided to specialize in high-end content for creators, entrepreneurs and companies that can afford it.  We provide “quality content for demanding people”, and “prestige” is a word that brings these values together. “Capture” symbolizes the audiovisual aspect. My business started in December 2021 and the Prestige Capture website was officially launched a few months ago. We offer different services such as the creation of video clips for artists, companies, events, or photo shoots. We also offer a professional consulting service, to help content creators and amateur videographers to advance, and improve their marketing and brand image.

Toombow Kids: Okay, that’s a wide range of services. Which clients have you worked with at Prestige Capture?

Milan: I have worked with several TV channels and many people like the make-up artist K-Larem Beauty, the singer Jah Mason, artists from Brodahood Records and Everest Studio, the Gabonese artist Jiil, who is a good friend and we do a lot of projects together. By the way, the video clip Une dernière chance (One Last Chance) that I filmed of him was recently broadcast on Trace TV.

Toombow Kids: We are very happy for you! What are your plans for the future?

Milan: In the short to medium term, I intend to focus on professional consulting and develop it. I also want to train people who will be able to work with me to expand the company so that I can work with international clients. My goal is to work in the United States. I would like to have a top-rated international production company that produces projects with quality and depth. I am ambitious, my aim is to become a millionaire!

Toombow Kids: With this program, you certainly won’t be bored! What is the most important thing you learned from your training at Mason Ewing Corp.?

Milan: I think Mason taught me the most profound lessons, since M.E.C. is his baby, everything starts from him. The most important thing I learned is to always believe in your dreams, never give up, know how to bounce back after a setback, and surround yourself with talented people. This is the way to succeed!

Toombow Kids: Got it. Finally, what advice would you give to children who dream of becoming directors?

Milan: Today, because everything is digital, kids can easily have access to cameras. Take your cell phones, film, make projects with your friends! What is essential is to take action. That’s what triggers the passion, the desire to learn more and to train. There are many apps and platforms that make it easy for young people to share their ideas, sketches, etc. You have to create and keep the passion alive. Today, there are no excuses for not going for it!

Toombow Kids: Thank you Milan for this candid advice! To learn more about his work, we invite you to visit his company’s website, On your marks, get set, go and film!

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