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The joy of BMX of Morocco

The joy of BMX of Morocco
Mohamed Chakarnah

If you live in Morocco and look out of your window in the early evening, you might see Mohamed Chakarnah riding through the streets! For this 26-year-old Moroccan, there’s no debating it: BMX is an art, and he proves it! On his Instagram account, he shares videos of himself, free as a bird, performing tricks or exploring the corners of his country with his bike. Toombow Kids took an interest in him.

Toombow Kids: Hello Mohamed, how are you? How did you discover your passion for BMX, and what fascinates you the most about this discipline?

Mohamed: Hi everybody, I’m good !  When I was fifteen, I got my first bike. That’s when I discovered my passion for this sport! What I prefer is that it gives me a lot of adrenaline and pushes me to always push my limits further.

Toombow Kids: Is it easy to make a career in BMX in Morocco?

Mohamed: I love my country, but here, it’s a bit complicated: there’s a lack of specialized infrastructure and, above all, a lack of financial support and sponsorship for athletes who would like to become professionals in this discipline. I think we need more support and further development of our sport here to have new opportunities. For now, Moroccans consider this sport strange and fascinating because it is new to them.

Toombow Kids: Understood! Can you share with us a significant moment you experienced while practicing your sport?

Mohamed: I would say it’s the first time I went to a real skatepark adapted to BMX because there was no equivalent in my city. I had to travel a long distance using public transport to get there, and it was an incredible experience! I did tricks all day!

Toombow Kids: That must have been great! We are curious: how do you manage to reconcile your passion for BMX with your daily life?

Mohamed: It’s simple: during the day, I work, and as soon as I’m done, I go out and do BMX! But unfortunately, I only have time to do it an average of 4 hours a day, and I would like to do more!

Toombow Kids: It’s important to live our passion. By the way, what are the places or routes you prefer to explore with your BMX? And if you could do it anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Mohamed: Since my specialty is street riding, I need to go to places with suitable things like stairs or sidewalks. I like to go to big cities or sports entertainment centers. And if I had to choose my dream destinations, I would say California in the United States or Barcelona in Spain because they have excellent tracks and facilities there.

Toombow Kids: What advice would you give to young people who want to get into BMX?

Mohamed: Once you have your BMX, you have to ride! When I started, I learned some basic moves that helped me later to create my own moves. Wear protection, practice often, ask for advice from other riders in your community, and you will progress quickly!

Toombow Kids: Thanks for the tips! Is there a message you would like to share with Toombow Kids readers?

Mohamed: My goal is to continue improving, and I plan to travel to Aruba soon for that. And I sincerely want to thank all of you for your encouragement and support!

Toombow Kids: Thank you especially to you for sharing your journey! Kids, to follow Mohamed’s adventures, don’t hesitate to visit his Instagram account @ med_chakarnah_. Happy discovery, and see you soon on Toombow Kids!

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