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Sophie Bortoluzzi: a journey through the lens of passion

Sophie Bortoluzzi a journey through the lens of passion
Sophie Bortoluzzi

Welcome to the captivating world of Sophie Bortoluzzi, a photographer who has redefined her life through the lens. At 50, this mother of two adult children is gradually moving away from the world of Parisian import-export to embrace her passion for photography. In order to explore her love for nature and landscapes, she underwent a six-month photography training. Dive into the inspiring story of a woman who chose creativity and self-discovery at a pivotal moment in life!

Toombow Kids: Hello Sophie, how are you? What do you love most about the art of photography?

Sophie: Hello, everything is going well, thank you! For me, it’s about beauty. It has to be beautiful! When I go somewhere, my gaze is immediately drawn to what is beautiful in life scenes. Beautiful landscapes, animals… But I also have fun taking everything from model photos, portraits, product photos. I take everything; I love to explore and dream!

Toombow Kids: Your photos tell beautiful stories. Can you share one with us that you consider special and tell us why?

Sophie: There are many! One that comes to mind is one I took in New Caledonia in October. We were in the car with my husband on a mountain road, and at one point, looking at the landscape, I told him to stop the car because I absolutely had to take a photo! He’s used to it with me (laughs). I used a big lens to capture that moment. There were different layers of mountains that we could see, stretching into the distance with a gradient of pink. It must have been around sunrise!

Toombow Kids: Indeed, it must have been beautiful! What do you like most when photographing models?

Sophie: It’s the interaction with them! Depending on the model, we don’t always have the same interaction; each one is different. In my training, I had to shoot 16-year-old models who had never done photo sessions. The challenge when you start is to be a good artistic director for your project. You have to guide the model in poses, play with light, etc. But it’s super interesting!

Toombow Kids: Besides models, landscapes are also one of your favorite areas. What landscape would you like to capture right now?

Sophie: The Grand Canyon because it’s grandiose, these are big natural landscapes, everything I love! And then this red earth and its large rocks attract me.

Toombow Kids: Interesting. And if you could photograph the imaginary place of your dreams, what would your photo look like?

Sophie: Well… It would be a photo of a new planet where we could discover colors that we don’t find here. Even though I find black and white photos beautiful, I like color for landscapes. Color gives you morale!

Toombow Kids: It’s true, long live colors! It has also been announced that you will be working in the future with the American holding company Mason Ewing Corporation on various projects. How do you see this collaboration?

Sophie: I’m 100% on board! I’ve already been able to take photos of their CEO, Mason, and that happened very instinctively. Right now, I’m discovering many areas that I’m exploring, and I love it! So, photographing their fashion shows, Baby Madison brand products, or others can be very interesting. Currently, I am also in contact with the associative sector to collaborate in the environmental sector or for people in vulnerable situations.

Toombow Kids: All of this sounds very positive! And for children who would like to learn to take beautiful magical photos, could you give them some pro tips?

Sophie: First of all, you have to go out and take photos! It is by taking photos that you explore the domain that you like the most and that you find yourself. For example, maybe in a year, the photos I take will have a different identity because I’m evolving. Take photos of what captivates you. For some, it will be life scenes, nature, vulnerability… It’s up to you to find what you like!

Toombow Kids: Thank you, Sophie, for sharing this moment with us. We wish you all the best in the world of photography. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! And to admire her photos, don’t hesitate to visit her Instagram accounts @sophie.bortoluzzi and @sophie.bortoluzzi800.

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