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EPP : Fairy tale princesses and more big news!

EPP, Fairy tale princesses and more big news!
Ewing Power Production

For several months, projects have been accelerating at Ewing Power Production. Mason Ewing Corporation’s audiovisual subsidiary continues to expand its departments, as well as its teams in the U.S., Cameroon, and soon in Morocco. Toombow Kids’ report will reveal the latest news from EPP :  its new 3D heroines, audiovisual projects, and a film studio.

First of all, EPP Animation, the subsidiary in charge of animation, has declared that they’re ready for the big leagues. The company’s spokesperson announced that princesses will be the stars in future feature films, becoming new icons for children around the world. To give a glimpse of what they’re up to, EPP Animation’s 3D team has made several short videos featuring their princesses Flour and Rose-Moon. Set to waltz music, these two princesses display their beauty and grace, letting us admire their elegance as if we were guests at the ball. As the violins and brass instruments play, they grace us with their most beautiful curtsies and dances. The production company told us the trailers were made by their new 3D team, which will work on all future projects. The aim of this group, led by Cameroonian animation prodigy Jules Eyango, is to produce the most impressive projects possible, which will be adapted from exclusive screenplays from M.E.C.

EPP Animation confided to our journalists that several 3D films are already in the works, such as Flour, the adaptation of the book that will be published in 2023 by Ewing Publication. We also learned that the costumes of Flour and Rose-Moon will be breathtaking, as described by designer Mason Ewing. For those of you who love gorgeous dresses, we can already tell you a secret. The CEO of M.E.C., who is also a fashion designer, will give you the chance to see the sublime dresses that will be worn by his princesses and made with silk, and tulle to make them puffy, Calais lace, etc. In the future, these teams would also like to have these tales adapted as live-action films with real actresses and actors. The release of Flour, the first feature film of the EPP princesses, is scheduled for December 2025, to as families enjoy watching magical fairy tales during the holiday season.

Moreover, we discovered that the company is currently developing or in pre-production of their first feature films. These films include the comedy trilogy Select Coaching and the romantic feature film Love at First Sight in Kribi 2.0.

According to a source close to Mason Ewing, producer of these films, major American personalities are already planned to be cast in these projects. However, our informant said the names of these stars is confidential for now. Also, the EPP team has already started discussions with several streaming platforms to distribute their films.

In addition, EPP plans to produce other exclusive programs that will be available on the Madison Channel platform, scheduled to launch in 2025. There is an exciting new project, a live-action film based on the book saga The Adventures of Eli Tilmann. This adaptation will tell the adventures of Eli, a dreamy and adventurous teenager with a passion for investigations that have strange, even supernatural elements. EPP has stated that the film series will be carefully crafted to be as faithful as possible to the books. The first volume, The Mystery of Athon Forrester, will be released in September 2023 in three languages (English, Spanish and French). The CEO adds that translations in other languages are planned, as well as audio books.

When asked about their plans to open their own film studio, the company confirmed that the plan is still on the table. While waiting to open its own studio in Atlanta, the EPP Studio subsidiary continues to acquire hundreds of rare and antique objects for films. All of these unique pieces, currently stored in M.E.C. facilities, will later be used by their Set designer to serve as decor and backdrops for films that will be shot at the EPP Studio. Several members of their team told us that beautiful decorations will add to the production value. They give the example of Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Once Upon a Time  in Hollywood, which won the Oscar for Best Production Design in 2020.

The company’s team invites Internet users to stay tuned, as they say they have many surprises in store in the upcoming years. For EPP, one thing is sure: the great audiovisual adventure has only just begun!