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Mason Ewing Corporation closes in France to focus on the U.S.

Mason Ewing Corporation closes in France to focus on the U.S.
Mason Ewing Corporation

Mason Ewing Corp. says « au revoir » to France! After 12 years, a page turns for the American holding company M.E.C., whose French subsidiary has closed. CEO Mason Ewing explains this decision by his desire to focus his company’s development in the United States. The company is specialized in fashion, cinema, publishing, 3D animation, media, and video games.

Let’s take a look at what led up to this event and what the future holds for M.E.C. Athough this closure was discussed internally, the decision became official in mid-March 2023. While the company first set up shop on American soil in 2011, its French office was also developing a wide variety of projects. After residing in Los Angeles, the CEO of the company returned to France in 2014, where he led his company’s activities for eight years before returning to settle permanently with his team in Los Angeles on October 24, 2022.

The company announced its decision in a message addressed to its employees.

“After much consideration within Mason Ewing Corp. the company has made several decisions about things that will change. Regarding France, we have just closed our office. It’s been a pleasure to work in this country, but our future is in Los Angeles.”

Our goal is to devote 100% of our energy to develop our activities in the U.S. This is a return to its roots, since M.E.C. was created there, and the teams will now be able to work directly with their former trusted professional partners, as well as new collaborators. The ambitious projects that M.E.C. wants to launch require significant financing, which is why it is seeking investors in the U.S., where it is easier to raise funds.

Currently, M.E.C. is on all fronts: first, on its Madison Color brand, the world’s first clothing collection with Braille lettering on its T-shirts, which it aims to develop even further in 2023. On the literature side, the publishing subsidiary Ewing Publication will release a new adventure novel with an innovative concept titled The Adventures of Eli Tilmann later this year, and is preparing a collection called Tales and Grimoires that will introduce the world to their new fairy tale princesses. On the film side, Ewing Power Production has several feature film scripts including a comedy trilogy, Select Coaching which is currently in the works. In addition, EPP continues to scout for future film locations and invest in rare items that will be used for decor for film sets. Lastly, the IT team has been actively working on the creation of Madison Channel, a new streaming platform that M.E.C. intends to launch in 2025 with other potential investors.

To bring all these projects to fruition, M.E.C. is seeking bold and adventurous businessmen and women in the U.S. to invest in its forward-thinking company, which plans to bring a unique touch to the American entertainment scene.