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Cinema, Romain’s revelation!

Romain, full face
Toombow Kids

Romain Lecamus, age 18, has recently made a radical change for his future. After leaving the traditional school system in the third grade and training to be a carpenter until he gets his diploma as a carpenter installer, a trade he practiced until recently, he decided to leave everything behind to try his luck in the cinema! A choice that the Frenchman living in the Yonne region tells us about in Toombow Kids.

Toombow Kids: Hello Romain, how are you? Can you explain to our young readers the reasons that led you to change careers?

Romain: Hi Toombow Kids ! Hi readers! I’m doing great, thanks. Basically, I’m someone who likes to build things with my hands, but carpentry doesn’t interest me anymore. Since I’ve always been very attracted to the world of cinema, I decided to try to become an actor.

Toombow Kids: Okay! Why do you like about the acting profession?

Romain: First of all, we have more freedom to do what we want. You can be another person, show another side of yourself and prove what you are capable of! And then, it’s a way of life that makes me dream. I love the idea of meeting new people! Also, it’s fun to act!

Toombow Kids: Yes, it’s important to love what you do! According to our information, you have already appeared in front of the camera 6 years ago on a TV show. Can you tell us about this experience?

Romain: With pleasure! I was in a show on Gulli called Safari Go. Several families participated. I was with my father, my mother and my little brother Nathan. It was in South Africa, and the goal was to complete the challenges and get a better score than the other teams. In the end, we won, and our reward was a week-long trip there! I loved it, it was cool and the cameras didn’t bother me, I felt very comfortable.

Toombow Kids: You must have some good memories! So, let’s talk about the “audition” stage, how do you prepare for a casting?

Romain: As soon as I have the text, I print it out and learn it for several days. Then I recite it and I record myself to listen afterwards to make sure I don’t have to correct anything, and that I’m interpreting the emotions the right way. I also like to watch movies and TV series to see how the actors act, and I pay attention to the smallest details.

Toombow Kids: Interesting, let our little readers who like acting take note! Who is your favorite actor?

Romain: That’s a tough one! I would have to say Denzel Washington… And I like Leonardo DiCaprio too. One thing that makes me admire him is that I care about environmental issues. Just like him !

Toombow Kids: It’s true that it’s important that we preserve our planet. What advice would you give to children who dream of becoming actors?

Romain: Believe in yourself, never give up and give yourself the means to succeed even if it is difficult. Personally, I train a lot to let loose when I’m acting and improve my self-confidence. It takes time but I am progressing and I intend to improve!

Toombow Kids: Thank you Romain for this nice motivation lesson ! On a side note, do you have plans for Valentine’s Day?

Romain: Listen, for the moment, I decided to focus on my career and not lose my way. No Valentine’s Day for me this year!

Toombow Kids: Yes, we understand. To succeed, you must be serious! See you soon on Toombow Kids and good luck in your artistic adventure!

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