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EPP loves romance!

Flour in the stairs
Ewing Publication

2023 is a year of love for the audiovisual company Ewing Power Production, which is developing a variety of projects with romance as the theme. Each of these screenplays is the result of extensive work and research by author Mason Ewing who, like Cupid with his arrows, intends to seduce the public to watch the films adapted from his writings! Moviegoers can now get a glimpse of this on EPP’s new website :, a subsidiary of Mason Ewing Corporation. For fans of Love Actually, and Pretty Woman, Toombow Kids will take you on a tour of future EPP films with a captivating love story.

On the site’s homepage, there is a brief summary as well as the logo of Love at First Sight in Kribi 2.0, which is already eagerly awaited in Cameroon. For months, the production team searched for a five-star cast of international actors, and big names such as the Cameroonian Blanche Bilongo, the American Patrick Kilpatrick and the Frenchman Brian Baker (son of Josephine Baker) have joined the adventure. This Romeo and Juliet of modern times, which takes place in the city of Kribi, a real paradise, will feature the love at first sight experience between Rose Young, a top model and daughter of rich and very influential parents in Cameroon, and Christopher Martel, a young Frenchman who is on vacation with friends. The young girl’s parents refuse to accept this relationship, they will not allow their darling daughter to date a white foreigner from a modest family. The film also aims to change the way many people look at Africa by revealing all its beauty and wealth!

Now, let’s dive into the past. In 1962, racial segregation was raging in the U.S. This is the setting for Dance With the Stars, the second feature film written by Mason Ewing, and EPP will focus its communication on it this year. There is a love story that seems impossible between the hero, Dylan Murphy, nicknamed Nan, a young black man, and Lise Stanley, who is the heiress of a very powerful family in Duluth. Tensions between the African-American population and white Americans are tearing this town apart, and in the midst of it all, Nan is trying to get by as best he can, dreaming only of dancing the twist and the beautiful Lise. Mason Ewing, writer and producer of Dance With the Stars, intends to make this film a big hit in the U.S. and has told us that this romance with dramatic overtones will have many surprises in store for the audience.

EPP will also feature love stories in its 3D animation films. In fact, the “golden list” of projects to watch closely also includes Flour. This old-fashioned fairy tale at the crossroads of Disney classics such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty presents the magical adventures of Flour, a lonely young girl. The team of designers wanted to give her a stunning physique and a bewitching beauty. With her graceful and elegant figure, her fine features, her sweet face, her intense doe eyes, her shining blond hair and magnificent dress, she will be the new favorite Princess of little girls all over the world.

With so much suspense, Toombow Kids wanted to know more and was able to get a visual of the girl in question. The production company EPP agreed to share with our magazine an exclusive photo of Flour that we shared with you at the top of the article where we see her glamorous dress that seems aglow. We already know that this fairy tale movie will be released during the Christmas season in theaters and that Ewing Power Production and the streaming platform Madison Channel will make it in collaboration with other production companies. As we speak, a team of talented illustrators is already working on the images for this beautiful fairy tale while its creator, Mason Ewing, is in discussions with American screenwriters to work on adapting his book Flour into a successful film. To find out if this pure-souled teenager will manage to reunite and live a romance with her handsome prince, the EPP team invites you to follow closely their social networks that regularly inform subscribers of their progress. As they repeatedly tell the audience, “if you liked Disney princesses, then you’ll love Flour!”

As Valentine’s Day approaches, EPP will definitely inspire love in people’s hearts!