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Actor Geoffray Oudot loves movies and Christmas!

Geoffray Oudot poses for the photoshoot
Toombow Kids

It’s only the beginning of December and all over the world, millions of children are already looking forward to opening their presents on Christmas Day. The stores have decorated their windows in the streets of Paris, there are romantic comedies on television, so we feel that Christmas vibe! At this magical time, Toombow Kids met Geoffray Oudot, a 20 year old French actor who dreams of a career in cinema. Recently, Geoffray received a great gift: he was selected to play one of the leading characters in the film Love at First Sight in Kribi 2.0 produced by Mason Ewing, a rising star in Hollywood. The film will be shot in Cameroon in 2023. Our newspaper will tell you about this actor, who has a Christmas story with a happy ending.

Born in France and raised in Paris, Geoffray Oudot has loved the cinema since childhood. He smiles as he remembers the movie marathon his father used to organize on weekends, so he could discover a wide variety of films with his two brothers. Fascinated by Indiana Jones, his favorite thing to do was to imitate all his new favorite heroes. He grew up with a desire to live out adventurous stories like all of these characters, and once he became a teenager, Geoffray found the solution.

“When I had to decide what I wanted to do in life, I thought back to my childhood dream and said to myself that the best way to live incredible stories was to be an actor. I thought, ‘Why not me?’ and enrolled in acting school.”

This passionate young man, who will celebrate his 21st birthday on July 25th continues to hone his craft and learn more about how to get under the skin of the characters he plays. Geoffray is ambitious and is working hard to one day reach the level where he can shoot alongside actresses, actors and directors he respects such as Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino and many others. He appreciates films with original concepts and complex mechanisms that make you think.

It’s almost winter in the City of Light, and although many people would like to see snowflakes falling on their windows, Geoffray only dreams of one thing: sunshine! A few weeks ago, he was informed by the production of the feature film Love at First Sight in Kribi 2.0 that he had landed the role of Christopher Martel, one of the lead roles in this highly anticipated film that will be shot in the United States, Cameroon and France. And the least we can say is that he is impatient!

“I’m really happy and flattered because it’s one of the important roles in the film. It’s my first big project, and the fact that it’s shot in different countries, including Cameroon, is great! I’ve never been to Africa, and it’s a continent that interests me a lot. What annoys me is that many people have a bad image of Africa when they don’t know it. As for me, I intend to discover the beauty of this country by myself and make the best film possible!” 

Love at First Sight in Kribi 2.0 is a romantic comedy produced by EPP, a production company subsidiary of the Mason Ewing Corporation holding. The story unfolds in the idyllic setting of Kribi, a beautiful seaside resort with sandy beaches and stunning scenery. A story about a passionate love affair between Rose Young, a top model from a very powerful Cameroonian family, and a young white man on vacation with his two friends Jessy Grou, played by Baba Wild, and his brother Martin Grou, played by Zacharie Malek. This forbidden relationship will disturb many and you will have to wait until 2023 to see if love will triumph. The producer and screenwriter Mason Ewing would like to make Love at First Sight in Kribi 2.0 a huge hit in Africa. The kind of feature film that viewers love to watch, especially during the Christmas season!

By the way, Geoffray has some movie recommendations for our young readers to feel the magic of the holidays: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Gremlins!

The young man is excited about the future and is already looking towards Cameroon, a beautiful country where he intends to prove himself. The Toombow Kids team wishes him good luck and hopes that this film will launch his career!

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