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Otmane and magical Morocco!

Otmane, full face
toombow kids

Warm people, sunny weather and wonders to discover… Welcome to Morocco! Today, Otmane, a 10 year old Moroccan, shares his life with Toombow Kids and shows us his country!

Toombow Kids : Hello Otmane, how are you? We’d like to know what Moroccan specialty you love?

Otmane : Hello, I’m great! My favorite dish is couscous! And for dessert, it’s a Moroccan cake called chamia. It’s made with semolina, almonds, honey and other good things!

Toombow Kids: Hmm, that sounds yummy! What are your favorite activities?

Otmane: Uh… karate shōtōkan and soccer! I do it with my buddies Zahid and Yacine. I love being a goalie because I love jumping around! And also making up stories or doing riddles.

Toombow Kids: That sounds like fun! Do you like your teacher?

Otmane : Oh yes, she’s really nice, but I have many teachers! Since my school is a private school, we have a different teacher for each subject.

Toombow Kids : You speak French and Arabic well! Did you learn that at school?
Otmane : Thank you! Well, I speak Arabic well because I was born in Morocco and it’s my country’s language. I’ve studied French since the first grade! And my dad showed me lots of French TV channels to help me learn!

Toombow Kids: Great! Can you teach us a word in Arabic that you like?
Otmane: Marhaba! It means welcome and I like it because it shows our generosity!

Toombow Kids : Yes, it makes me want to visit you! What is your favorite holiday in Morocco?

Otmane : It’s the sheep festival because we spend time with our family. We eat chops, meatballs. It’s really delicious!

Toombow Kids: I can smell it from here! (laughs) What do you want to be when you grow up?

Otmane: I want to be an astronaut! I love space, there’s zero gravity, and in the rocket you can swim in the air ! I want to be the first astronaut to plant the Moroccan flag on Mars!

Toombow Kids : Can you tell us in Arabic , “Thank you Baby Madison for making us travel!”

Otmane : Choukrane Baby Madison bli khlitina nsafro !

Toombow Kids: We hope the Toombow train took you and Otmane on a great trip! See you soon on Toombow Kids!

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