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Ayoub’s life in the land where the sun sets!

Ayoub, full Face
Toombow Kids

Ayoub, a 7 year old boy, is from Morocco. He is lively as other boys at that age. He was happy to answer Toombow Kids’ questions so that his friends around the world can learn about his daily life.

Toombow Kids: Hi Ayoub, how are you doing? To begin with, our young readers would like to know what your favorite food is?

Ayoub: Hello! Yes, I’m fine. I love chicken and cheese au gratin. It’s so good !

Toombow Kids: That sounds delicious!  What is your favorite sport? Do you play with friends?

Ayoub: Football! I even play football with my friends in a club on Wednesday afternoons. We play on the “poussins” (young chickens) team.

Toombow Kids: Okay, that’s great, you must get a lot of exercise! And besides that, what are your favorite games?

Ayoub: Uh… In video games, Minecraft and FIFA. And also… playing cards with my big brother!

Toombow Kids: Oh that’s cool! What is your favorite cartoon in your country?

Ayoub: It’s Oscar! He is a very smart lizard. His friends are Buck the vulture, Harchi the hyena and Popy the fennec fox.

Toombow Kids: That sounds great! What kind of music do you like?

Ayoub: All the rhymes in French and Arabic!

Toombow Kids: Can you teach us a word in Arabic that you like and tell us why?

Ayoub: Oh yes! So… Salam! It means hello in French and it means peace.

Toombow Kids: Thanks for the lesson! What is your favorite holiday in Morocco?

Ayoub: It’s  Eid al-Fitr, a small holiday. It’s at the end of the month of Ramadan, and each time, I get a lot of presents!

Toombow Kids: Great, we are happy for you! But what do you want to be when you grow up?

Ayoub: I want to be a teacher like my dad!

Toombow Kids: Good luck then! Finally, can you say in your language : “Thank you Baby Madison for making us travel”?

Ayoub: Choukrane Baby Madison hit khallitina nsafrou!

Toombow Kids: Thank you Ayoub, it was a pleasure speaking with you! Goodbye and see you soon!

Mister Me
If you like to travel, my section is the best ! Everyone knows me, I’m your favorite Snowman. Wherever I travel in the world, I have met nice and intelligent children. I will share their testimonies with you. You will discover that children around the world are alike, and it is good to learn about new cultures. So open yourself to the world with Mr. Snowman !