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Madison Day, a day of glory for Baby Madison

3 pics of Madison Day event
mason ewing corporation

On Thursday, June 16th, the prestigious Normandy Hotel in Paris was the scene of an exceptional afternoon that mixed surprise, emotions and hope! The first edition of Madison Day was held, organized by Mason Ewing, the creator of the Baby Madison mascot! Indeed, the little half-angel half-human baby mascot of the Mason Ewing Corporation and its subsidiaries was the hero of the day! As co-organizers with the Mason Ewing Corp., the Toombow Kids team was present and will tell you about this very special day.

At 2:15 pm on a very hot day in the French capital, the first guests arrived at the private event, the beginning of a procession of specially chosen VIPs and important people. After climbing a beautiful staircase lined with red velvet and beautiful decorations, they were pleasantly surprised to feel a wave of fresh air coming from the air-conditioned room. Once inside, the guests were surprised to find a gigantic inflatable mascot with the effigy of Baby Madison in front of them, two and a half meters high. Imposing, but still as cute as ever, Baby Madison was sitting down dressed in overalls, a red cap on his head, with his big blue laughing eyes that seemed to observe us. An emotional moment ! The invited guests could see the care taken in the decor, which highlighted several products from the world of Baby Madison, including T-shirts, comic books, card games and Baby on Board stickers, which were harmoniously arranged near the entrance.

Soon, more Madison Day guests arrived, including many leading figures from different worlds! Among them were people from the world of beauty and cosmetics, such as Sophie Rochas, heiress of Rochas perfumes, artists such as the famous singer Colonel Reyel, high-level athletes such as the paratriathlete Cécile Saboureau, and businesswomen such as the Italian Francesca Perri, who is well-known in her country and came with her partner Gino. More guests included : Claude Sabbah and Philippe Baldini, renowned photographers covering VIP events such as the Cannes Film Festival or fancy evening parties in Monaco, famous licensing agents such as Sophie Moreau, Jean-François Hogrel and Aline Gondoin, who have each worked for big companies like Le Petit Nicolas, the Paris Saint-Germain soccer team or even Le Petit Prince, the

Jet-setter Jacques Sabatier, Jennifer Galin, former Elite model and ex-companion of Joey Starr, the ex-CEO of Disney France Claudius Erhardy, etc… A list to turn the heads of the paparazzi!

As for the dress code, everyone was dressed up. Suits and dresses for the women, suits for the men, although some opted for more casual outfits. Everyone took their seats and had time to appreciate the setting : the floor was covered with a red and gold carpet, delicately combined with the red and gold velvet chairs, giving the room a royal appearance.

The festivities were kicked off by  Yves Noël, the host of Madison Day. Having hosted many television shows in his lifetime, he electrified the atmosphere in an instant with his charm and personality. He then handed the floor over to Claudius Erhardy, CEO of the Mason Ewing Corporation, who in turn handed it over to two members of SOS Madison International, Jean-François Rousseau and Baba Wild. They made a big announcement: the official launch of the Baby Madison Label, the very first label in the world entirely dedicated to the protection of children! The MEC president then presented the certificate to the Director whose center was awarded the first label, much to the applause of the audience. Mason Ewing took the opportunity to remind the audience that children’s issues are very important to Mason Ewing Corp. and that every time a Baby Madison product is purchased, a percentage is automatically donated to SOS Madison International to help them.

It was also announced that there will be a fundraising campaign and the search for investors and financiers in the U.S., in order to develop the vast universe of Baby Madison, which has a variety of exciting and ambitious projects!

Finally, Sofian, an 18 year old multi-handicapped teenager, gave an amazing and emotional speech. He proved to everyone that despite his handicap and disease, one could be positive and optimistic ! A state of mind that moved the guests and triggered a standing ovation. So much emotion whets the appetite, but the Madison Day team had already planned for that! They provided fresh, sweet organic strawberries and crisp apples to their guests.

The event’s partners, Céline Pujo, CEO of the Re Drink group, brought many cans of her energy drink made of fruit extracts that celebrities love. Also Laurence Beuchard provided her 100% natural fruit juices, which delighted the organic lovers. A cocktail which was the occasion for all to spend a convivial moment, for some to meet new people, to laugh, but also to take a photo with the giant inflatable Baby Madison. He was the star that afternoon, and without a doubt he inspired everyone!

This day will remain engraved in the history of the baby star. It is far from being the last one since it will take place every year. In 2023, the next edition of Madison Day will take place in Hollywood, in Californina. The opportunity for Americans to discover the beginning of a new and thrilling era for Baby Madison!