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Baby Madison Label aims to save children

After its recent officialization and giving its first award to a youth center in France, on July 16, 2022, the Baby Madison Label has won a first battle in the fight to protect minors. However, in order for this label, which is a guarantee that the facilities where minors are placed are healthy and safe environments, to be recognized on a global scale, the SOS Madison International  team is calling on you to spread the word. Word of mouth is an effective method and there is not a minute to lose to come to the aid of all these children who are suffering or will suffer from the shortcomings of the institutions that are supposed to protect them.

Yes, the situation is urgent. Mason Ewing, the label’s founder, says we can no longer ignore what is happening in children’s homes. That’s why, for several months, the Baby Madison Label team visited youth activity centers  (Accueil Collectif de Mineurs), the Children and Youth Villages, nurseries, and other organizations welcoming minors in order to comprehend the current reality. The conclusion is clear: many children and youth face intolerable situations in structures that do not comply with the standards imposed by the State. Toombow Kids had the opportunity to speak with several children and we would like to share with you the feelings of Léa (not her real name to preserve her anonymity). Aged 16 and living in a children’s home, she says with a heavy heart:

“I’m fed up with my new home. Before, the educators were nice and they listened to us. This children’s home is like a prison. Normally, you can talk to the teachers, ask them questions, ask for advice, things like that, but here, many just listen for a few seconds, and then ignore us. Also, we’ve complained for a month that there are no brooms for cleaning, but they don’t care, so we pick up the dust by hand. We have to do it every time we want to go out, but the worst thing is that even when we do, they still don’t let us out. Once, they even reported me as a runaway, because they said that I had not told them that I would return at 9 pm, but I did”

This scandalous situation is not an isolated case. In many other facilities, children are placed in unsanitary and unsafe places, for example, blocked emergency exits. Some are supervised by unqualified educators who sometimes use violence to maintain order. The same goes for first aid kits where essential elements such as tick tweezers are often missing or there are toys that aren’t in conformity and dangerous for children. Faced with this, there are people who complain about the situation but do nothing to change things. This is why the Baby Madison Label was created to guarantee the safety, respect and educational quality of the facilities to which we entrust our children. And you too can contribute to this change by talking about this label to people working in childcare centers, homes, etc., because it is through unity and mutual support that we can all succeed in changing things. If you have any questions about the Baby Madison Label, send an email to :

And if you are a facility that wants to be certified, you can apply at

Achieving the safety of minors, empowering young adults and respecting the law are the Baby Madison Label’s top priority.

Baby Madison and Toombow
Hello friends, this is baby Madison with my friend Toombow the little train. We are thinking about all the parents who have children who have been kidnapped. So, we created a special department that will be managed by team of specialists. The goal of Toombow Kids is to relay any information to the authorities about children who have been kidnapped so that they can be found quickly. As a result, Toombow Kids would like to work with law enforcement agencies and Amber alert. Child safety is highly important to me, and is also the battle of Baby Madison, the SOS Madison International team, and the Baby Madison Label. Thanks everyone !