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Noah celebrates living in Spain!

Noah's selfie
Toombow Kids

Spain is known to be a festive country, where life is good! Once known as “La Piel de Toro” (The Bull Skin) due to its geographical shape, Spain has a population of 48 million people. Among them is Noah, a boy of Mexican origin who agreed to answer our questions for the little world tour. Let the flamenco begin!

Toombow Kids: Hello Noah, how are you? Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Noah: Hi, I’m fine ! My name is Noah, I’m 13 years old and I’m in middle school.

Toombow Kids: Great! How was your first day of school? Were you happy to see your friends?

Noah: Yes, I was happy to see my friends again and to get back to our routines.

Toombow Kids: Good for you! What is your favorite subject and why?

Noah: Hmm… My favorite subject is social sciences, but I also like history! I love learning and I have a lot of fun in these classes with my friends.

Toombow Kids: What is your favorite Spanish specialty?

Noah: Paella! It’s delicious!

Toombow Kids: It sure is! And what are your favorite activities?

Noah: I like to play all kinds of sports, but especially soccer! We love it in our country!

Toombow Kids: It’s true that Spain has are many great players ! Can you teach us an expression in Spanish that you like?

Noah: I often say “es de locos”. It means “it’s crazy” or “it’s madness”!

Toombow Kids: Okay great! What is your favorite party in Spain?

Noah: The parties that take place in the big fairs with fireworks and shows!

Toombow Kids: Would you please explain what the “paseo” is for our little readers?

Noah: It means a stroll through city streets. It’s traditional in Spain for people to walk in the evenings before dinner. I like walking with someone or by myself, especially in quiet places because it’s very relaxing.

Toombow Kids: Yes, it’s important to relax. What is your dream job when you finish your studies?

Noah: I would like to be an architect. I love design.

Toombow Kids: We hope you make beautiful homes for the children of the world ! Finally, can you say in Spanish: “Thank you Baby Madison for taking us on a trip!”

Noah: Gracias pequeño Baby Madison por llevarnos de viaje!

Toombow Kids: Thank you Noah and see you on Toombow Kids!

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