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Elia’s idea of Valentine’s Day!

Elia’s idea of Valentine's Day!
Toombow Kids

Valentine’s Day, on February 14th, was two and a half months ago. However, the Toombow Kids team finds that people tend to forget about children on this special day! Indeed, although they are young, they still know a lot about love! Today, Elia, a 10-year-old girl who comes from Cameroon, will tell us about Valentine’s Day and her country!

Toombow Kids: Hello Elia, how are you? So, what can you tell us about Valentine’s Day?

Elia: Hello! I’m fine, thanks. Valentine’s Day is a magical day. It’s when two people are in love and they give each other gifts to show their love. It’s so romantic !

Toombow Kids: That’s a great description! Do you have a boyfriend?

Elia: Yes, and we even have a secret.

Toombow Kids: Really? If you don’t mind, could you share it with our readers?

Elia: My secret is that one day we kissed. But no one at school can know about it!

Toombow Kids: Don’t worry, we’ll keep our mouths shut! You know, a lot of kids wonder how they can tell if the girl or boy they like is in love with them. Do you have any idea?

Elia: Hmm… Yes, I know! When a boy is in love with me, he often gives me a cookie or candy and smiles a lot.

Toombow Kids: Speaking of food, what is your favorite dish in Cameroon?

Elia: Sanga! It’s a mixture of corn, cassava leaves, sugar and other tasty ingredients.

Toombow Kids: Sounds delicious! By the way, if you were a Princess, which one would you choose?

Elia: I would like to be Ladybug. She’s very beautiful and smart!

Toombow Kids: Great! Besides being a Princess, what do you want to do when you grow up ?

Elia: I want to be a doctor because I want to save lives!

Toombow Kids: That’s great! What is your favorite holiday in Cameroon?

Elia: It’s the youth festival! There are dances, sports, and contests… It celebrates the rights of young people and we have so much fun!

Toombow Kids: It looks like it! By the way, what is your favorite love story?

Elia: I love the TV show One Tree Hill ! The main characters are Lucas and Nathan and they have many complicated love stories!

Toombow Kids: It’s a series from the 2000’s, you know about pop culture, that’s good! Finally, could you say in your own language “Thank you Baby Madison for taking us on a journey?”

Elia : Yes. That’s “Ngue Pfi Baby Madison ye ou re mock yi kouok”.

Toombow Kids: Thank you so much Elia for this interview,  it will make our readers happy! We wish lots of happiness to all couples in love in Cameroon!

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