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Advice from Isma – The Little Jonathanland Guidebook

Isma is reading The Little Jonathanland Guidebook
Toombow Kids

Hi readers, it’s Isma! What’s up? It’s been three months since we last spoke, that’s a long time! I hope you had a fun vacation and that you’re glad to be back at school. I’m now in 6th grade since early September! Mom bought me a cool new backpack with supplies! It was strange to have new teachers and meet a lot of new people, but now I’m used to it and I love it! I’m very happy to be back writing my Isma’s Tips column, and today I’m going to tell you about a book I read not long before going back to school. It’s called The Little Jonathanland Guidebook, which was written by Mason Ewing, Baba Wild and Zacharie Malek and published in August 2021.

So for once, I can’t tell you too much about the story because there really isn’t one. As the title says, it’s a guide book to a city. But what’s great is that it doesn’t show a city that already exists, it’s about an imaginary city called Jonathanland. So that’s where the stories « The Kissing Monster » and also « The Dream Train » that I’ve already read, and more to come, take place ! 😉 The book is well done because I felt like it was a real guide book, yet Jonathanland is an invented city! I had the impression that it was like the ones they gave me this summer when I was on vacation in the tourist offices! It’s funny because at the beginning, you see all the ways to come to the city with the different means of transportation. I didn’t feel like going by boat, it’s not my thing. On the other hand, ! I love flying by plane! Moreover, afterwards, there is a word of welcome from Mayor Arthur Froufrou and his signature. I think it’s great!

To describe it, there are pictures of places in Jonathanland with their descriptions next to them. Right now, I can’t tell you how many there are, but at least 10! The drawings of the buildings are really beautiful! They have a lot of colors, original shapes and I even said to myself , « it’s too bad that it doesn’t exist for real! » For example, there’s the Magic Bubbles Restaurant, it’s like a giant soap bubble with a chef inside named Milly Prapra. She prepares the most delicious dishes in town with secret recipes. I don’t know about you but it makes me want to go there with my school friends!

Apart from that, there are a lot of other nice places that I would love to visit like Jonathan Jordan’s castle, it looks beautiful! Or the museum because apparently it’s fun for kids. And I love to learn new things! On the other hand, I don’t feel like going to the Eternal Tears cave at all, I would be afraid to dirty the beautiful leather boots that Mom bought me for the first day of school! I must admit that I’m a bit of a maniac with my clothes, when there’s a stain on them, it annoys me!

Finally, the Guide book made me want to go to Jonathanland ! Too bad it doesn’t exist in real life… I hope one day, it will be built and when it’s done, I won’t give Mom a choice: she must take me there!

I hope you enjoyed today’s tip! See you soon and have a great back to school season!

Hi, you don't know me yet but my name is Isma. I'm a 10 year old journalist who loves to read and write. I have lots to share with you ! Come and discover my column with your parents, a little reading before bedtime is good for growing up. See you soon