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Isma’s Tips – “Little Women”

Isma - Little Women
toombow kids

Hello Toombow Kids readers! Hope you’re having a great day ! In this third article of my column Isma’s Tips, I’ll tell you about a very famous novel that I discovered not long ago and that I really enjoyed. It’s called « Little Women » and it was written by Louisa May Alcott a long time ago in 1869! Can you imagine, I wasn’t even born yet!

The story takes place in the United States when the Civil War has just begun. Dr. March goes to the front to treat the wounded and has to leave his wife and four daughters. All of the sisters are going to have many adventures and pray a lot that their father will come back quickly and alive.

I love the four sisters! Their names are Margaret, Josephine, Elizabeth and Amy. I said their names from tallest to shortest. At the beginning of the novel, Meg (Margaret’s nickname) is 16 years old and she is like a second mother to her sisters, she is very beautiful and takes good care of them. Josephine, known as “Jo,” is 15 years old, very brave and dreams of becoming a writer. She is also very inventive and even creates plays in which her sisters act! I like Jo a lot because she never lets herself be pushed around, and I love theater too! I’m in a theater club and we even did a play for the end of year show not long ago. Well, I’m telling you a little bit about my life but at the same time, it’s my article so I do what I want!

After that, Beth (Elizabeth) is the shyest of the four. She is 13 years old and what she likes the most is to play music and to take care of the others or her kittens. Finally, the youngest, Amy, is 12 years old, she is very stubborn, has a lot of whims and dreams of becoming an artist. You see, what I think is great is that the girls are so interesting and each one will experience amazing things. I’ve never been bored following their adventures! What I like is that the years go by and we see the family grow and change!

The story takes place during the Civil War, between 1861 and 1865. I learned many things about that time that I did not know at all! We learn how the rich and the poor lived, what dresses the women wore and even how they took care of themselves at the time! I’m sure the sisters would be happy to live nowadays because they could do a lot of things they were not allowed to do! And it would be easier for Jo and Amy who want to work in the arts.

That’s it for Isma’s Tips today! Would you like to read  Little Women ? Big kisses and see you soon for a new tip!

Hi, you don't know me yet but my name is Isma. I'm a 10 year old journalist who loves to read and write. I have lots to share with you ! Come and discover my column with your parents, a little reading before bedtime is good for growing up. See you soon