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Fidget toys: Aminata’s favorite toys!

Fidget toys kit
toombow kids

Fidget toys, which are colorful and hand-held, are a real phenomenon for children. Today, Toombow Kids interviews Aminata, age 11, a fan of these amazing toys!

Toombow Kids: Hi Aminata, how are you today?

Aminata: I’m doing great! But I have a cold.

Toombow Kids: Gee, we hope you get better soon! So, can you explain to us what a fidget toy is?

Aminata: It’s a satisfying object that allows you to de-stress and have fun. There are many different kinds!

Toombow Kids: How did you discover fidget toys?

Aminata: In a video on YouTube. A girl who was showing them.

Toombow Kids: Who plays with fidget toys in your school?

Aminata: Some of my friends and some girls from other classes, but we don’t take them to school because we might lose them. A few girls secretly bring them sometimes. I don’t know any boys who play with them, they prefer to play soccer or ping-pong.

Toombow Kids: What kind of games can you play with them?

Aminata: Well, there’s one where the goal is to take turns popping 1, 2 or 3 Pop It bubbles and the last one to pop one loses. It’s also fun to trade fidget toys. Also we can attack each other ! For example, the last time, as a joke with my grandma, we had a war and I threw some at her. But it was just for fun and it didn’t hurt!

Toombow Kids: What is your favorite fidget toy and why?

Aminata: It’s hard to pick… Can I say several?

Toombow Kids: Yes, of course!

Aminata: Squishy! I love them because they are soft things in all shapes like animals, food and they are super cute. I also like the Pop It, I have a big one in the shape of a whale!

Toombow Kids: Thanks a lot Aminata and see you soon on Toombow Kids!

Aminata: Big kisses!

Hello this message is for you children, I am not Mrs. Santa Claus, but I am your favorite fairy Elvira. I know that unfortunately some children do not get any toys at Christmas, but I hope that my column will bring you a little dream of joy. And who knows, maybe one day the Toombow Train will drop a toy in front of your fireplace. Close your eyes and let the fairy with her magic wand do the rest.