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Awaken your explorer’s soul: Kimmy and geocaching!

In the U.S. in 2000, some Americans found a way to combine the pleasure of treasure hunting with the new GPS technologies. This outdoor treasure hunt has become Kimmy’s passion. She’s a 10 year old American girl who will tell us more about her favorite hobby!

Toombow Kids: Hello Kimmy, thank you for speaking with us today! Would you mind explaining what geocaching is?

Kimmy: Yes, okay. Geocaching is a game where you have to find boxes hidden everywhere. You locate them with your phone.

Toombow Kids: Cool. How long have you been doing it?

Kimmy: It’s been about 2 years.

Toombow Kids: How did you discover this activity?

Kimmy: Well, I was at my best friend Robby’s house, his mom suggested we do it. I loved it!

Toombow Kids: What’s the best one you’ve done?

Kimmy: Uh… It was one with Robby where we were in a field. It was funny because the wheat was tickling our necks so we kept laughing.

Toombow Kids: (laughs) Those must be some great memories!  But can you win things by playing?

Kimmy: Yes, sometimes, but it’s rare because the boxes are often empty. But sometimes people put little gifts inside.

Toombow Kids: Where do you have to go if you want to do this hobby?

Kimmy: Oh you can go anywhere. Anyone can hide boxes. You just have to look.

Toombow Kids: What do you like most about geocaching?

Kimmy: I like it because it’s a bit like a treasure hunt. You have to search, find your way. It’s so much fun!

Toombow Kids: What is your secret to finding geocaches?

Kimmy: You have to carefully look around, because you never know where you might find them!

Toombow Kids: What makes a good treasure hunter?

Kimmy: It’s someone who never gives up looking for something and who keeps on looking until he finds it! Like me!

Toombow Kids: Thank you Kimmy for telling our readers about geocaching! We wish you all the best. The adventure continues on Toombow Kids!

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