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Eco-friendly toys for a green and enchanting Christmas

As the festive season approaches, the sparkling eyes of children gaze upon windows filled with magical toys. But this year, why not delight your little ones with toys that are both eco-friendly and enchanting? In the dawn of 2024, where sustainability and the preservation of our planet take center stage, it’s not surprising that the toy industry is increasingly embracing the magic of eco-responsibility, and parents are seeking sustainable alternatives to plastic toys. Today, Toombow Kids steps away from gaming consoles, tablets, and other electronic gadgets to tell you about these alternative products.

The charm of wood and recyclables

A special charm emanates from wooden toys. From puzzles to blocks, construction games to small trains and cars, including bowling sets and activity tables, their diversity is endless. Their authenticity, warmth, and timeless character evoke values of tradition and a return to nature. These toys, often passed down from sibling to sibling and from one generation to the next, withstand the test of time. Recyclable toys, on the other hand, prove to be powerful tools to awaken children’s environmental consciousness. They provide a tangible lesson on reduction, reuse, and recycling. When engaging in these games, they develop an ecological awareness, understanding that resources are not limitless. Parents play an essential role in explaining how these toys are made from recycled or recyclable materials and encouraging eco-friendly practices, such as waste separation at home.

The magic of eco-friendly and handmade toys

Choosing eco-friendly toys is supporting companies that integrate ethics into their mission. This industry experienced spectacular growth in 2020, where sales of eco-friendly toys in Europe reached 2.5 billion euros, a 28% increase from the previous year. Among the companies that stood out, Eco Play offers toys made from recycled plastic, Green Kids creates FSC-certified wooden toys (an international label ensuring that the woods used comply with sustainable forest management procedures), etc. Opting for sets of eco-friendly toys in minimalist packaging can also minimize waste. Finally, during the holiday season and even at other times, parents and children can undertake fun projects of making eco-friendly toys. Whether it’s creating puppets using mismatched socks or constructing a puzzle with pieces of recycled cardboard, there are many ways to stimulate imagination and raise awareness among children about the concept of recycling.

This Christmas, if you haven’t done so before, consider giving your children eco-friendly toys that combine the magic of childhood with the magic of preserving our beautiful planet. A green Christmas is an enchanting Christmas, where the magic of eco-responsibility lights up everyone’s eyes. Together, let’s join this magical movement towards a more sustainable and responsible future!

Hello this message is for you children, I am not Mrs. Santa Claus, but I am your favorite fairy Elvira. I know that unfortunately some children do not get any toys at Christmas, but I hope that my column will bring you a little dream of joy. And who knows, maybe one day the Toombow Train will drop a toy in front of your fireplace. Close your eyes and let the fairy with her magic wand do the rest.