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Nicolas, a young dad, tells us about MAP!

Nicolas and Anaïs
Toombow Kids

Since the very first artificial insemination with a donor in the United States in 1884, Medically Assisted Procreation (MAP) has made immense progress and has become more common in society today. In America, nearly one child out of 65 is born through MAP! However, there is still a certain lack of knowledge on the subject and certain prejudices are still prevalent. Indeed the media, books, and advertisements tend to ignore men, even though they are involved in this adventure, just like their spouses. And Nicolas wanted to share with Toombow Kids his experience as a father, after he and his wife used MAP to have a child.

The romance between Nicolas, age 22, and Anaïs, age 23, began in high school in France five years ago. In 2018, they really wanted to start a family. Days and months went by but Anaïs could not get pregnant. After the mandatory one and a half year delay, the couple decided on MAP treatment. For younger Toombow Kids readers who may not know what it is, Nicolas provides a simple definition.

“MAP is when Mom and Dad can’t have a child naturally and they get specialists to help them.”

In the beginning, there are a series of numerous medical appointments for the two lovebirds. Anaïs undergoes pelvic ultrasounds as well as other tests to see if there are any problems with her reproductive system, while Nicolas has blood tests and a spermogram. They received the results: Anaïs was suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome, a disorder that caused her eggs to not grow to maturity. After taking several drugs without results, the treatment took a new turn with the use of injections to stimulate the ovaries. This step had a strong impact on Nicolas :

“The gynecologist showed me how to give the injection, then afterwards, it was up to me to do it again at home for my spouse. It was hard, I didn’t like doing it. In total, she received more than 300, we wondered when it would stop!”

On September 13, 2021 in the middle of their meal, the young couple received the happiest news :  a positive pregnancy! A blessing that they were not expecting after these years of struggle. Nicolas wishes to send a message to parents who would like to embark on the MAP adventure :

“There is no shame in resorting to MAP. When we announced it to our relatives, it was strange for them but it was our choice. We all have the right to have this chance! And then, the doctors were there to accompany us until the end. My partner’s gynecologist had told her that she wouldn’t give up on us!”

Their child is now 4 months old and doing great. To learn more about parenthood and answer questions from future parents who want to use MAP, Nicolas invites you to discover his YouTube channel “Un Couple, une MAP”!

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