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Mason Ewing and Miss Black California USA: the contract of glamour

Mason Ewing and Miss Black California USA the contract of glamour
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On December 2, 2023, under the Los Angeles sun, marked the end of the year with a touch of fashion and beauty as the fabric magician, Mason Ewing, participated in an exceptional photo shoot organized by the Miss Black California USA committee. This event, a collaboration with the three winners of the 2023 edition along with several previous winners of this Californian beauty contest, turned into a magical spectacle, foreshadowing magnificent fashion shows in the future.

In the heart of a luxurious villa adorned with rare collectibles, the Franco-Cameroonian American Ewing, elected the world’s first blind fashion designer, producer, screenwriter, costume designer, and decorator, was invited to participate in an intense photo session with MeKayla Burnett, Dedra Tufon, and Zoe Abdul-Malik, who won the titles of Miss Black California USA, Ms. Black California 2024, and Miss Black California USA Talented Teen, respectively, during the final phase of the competition held on September 30, 2023. He was invited by Antina Campbell, the director of the California part of the competition, who prepares the winners of this region for their participation in the national competition, Miss Black USA Scholarship Pageant, held annually in Washington, D.C. Majestic clocks, golden royal mirrors, and retro posters set the scene for the shooting location, which felt more like a villa than a photo studio! In this dedicated space to Art, the atmosphere was very warm. Ewing, who came with several members of his team such as Baba Wild, Eric April, and Zacharie Malek, immersed himself in the atmosphere of the place and paid close attention to the show that the beauty queens presented to him—a lively day! The Misses showed a lot of complicity, joking while getting their makeup done in the dressing rooms, while some even danced and sang! And when it came to facing the flashes, they showed great professionalism, smoothly alternating poses with elegance, all under the watchful eyes and wise directions of Antina Campbell, who, like a conductor, gave very precise instructions to her proteges.

However, the presence of the designer alongside all these modern-day princesses was not by chance. Indeed, he signed a contract with the competition to create custom haute couture dresses for the 3 winners of the Californian edition, which they will wear to represent their states in the national competition. Each of the three lucky queens will have the privilege of wearing a piece never before revealed and created specifically for them. To top it off, an additional dress will be crafted for the fortunate one chosen to walk the runway at Paris or London Fashion Week.

Beyond a simple beauty pageant, Miss Black California USA is a way to celebrate diversity and encourage black women to embrace their authenticity in contemporary society. Mason Ewing, by collaborating with this institution, aims once again to redefine the standards of fashion and beauty. One thing is certain: the stylist is eager to unveil his extraordinary creations to the world, and the 3 winning princesses of Miss Black California are poised to shine in his dresses! Showcasing the beauty of black women is one of the challenges the creative has set for himself for the year 2023!