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Eli Tilmann threatened by a witch? Chills in Jonathanland

Eli Tilmann threatened by a witch? Chills in Jonathanland
Toombow Kids

My dear gossip-loving strawberries, hold onto my magic broom as I take you on an exciting new adventure that shook our dear Eli Tilmann in Jonathanland. I won’t introduce him again; he’s become a true celebrity in Jonathanland! I have only one thing to say: I hope you don’t fear strange stories and birds…

It all started one morning when our friend Eli woke up to a strange surprise: a black feather lying right next to his pillow. A discovery as strange as it was unexpected, which aroused his curious mind. But as he had to attend to his daily chores and especially go to his high school, he put this strange discovery aside. As soon as one of my strawberry spies informed me of this story, I decided to discreetly follow Eli because knowing him well, when something odd happens to him, it’s just an appetizer compared to the oddities that follow! Once at school, I must admit I was rather disappointed: Eli had a normal day. He played basketball with his friends Logan and Johnny, then with the famous captain of the Johngold basketball team Bobby Prapra, before spending time with his girlfriend Ashley. Well, I was glad he got a good grade in his history class, but that wasn’t really what I expected when following him. If I had known, I would have stayed home reading paranormal investigation books or watching a good fantasy movie. Well… That’s what I thought until a certain event. Nothing seemed to indicate that something strange was going on!

At the end of the day, as Eli headed to his locker to get his things, he was taken aback when opening it and discovering that it was filled with black feathers. Feathers identical to those he had found in his room in the morning. He didn’t need to speak; his expression said enough about his concern and the hundreds of questions he must have been asking himself. Even I found it very disturbing!

In a panic, Eli’s first instinct was to call his two lifelong partners on their WhatsApp group, namely the duo Logan Lost and Johnny Glanderwood. These three are as inseparable as me with my strawberries! Together, they went to see veterinarian Harry Chewing-Gum to try to find some answers. He explained that birds weren’t his specialty, but that these feathers seemed to be from crows, casting an even darker shadow over the situation. Eli was becoming more and more stressed and worried, and that’s when the idea popped into his head: what if a witch was after him? According to Logan, crows are often associated with witchcraft, and the presence of these black feathers seemed to confirm his fears. Eli was convinced he was the target of a mysterious and malevolent force, and I must admit I was starting to get very worried.

Yet, at the end of this emotionally charged day, a surprising revelation completely turned the situation around. As Eli fretted in his living room, his twin sister Kimberly came to thank him for keeping her feathers. Eli, surprised, asked her what she was talking about. Kimberly explained that she was currently using these feathers to make a luxury fashion costume, which she was trying to sew herself. She even asked for advice from the great stylist Elise Ewing herself. She had brought her bag of feathers to school to practice during her breaks, but since her locker was full, she had used her twin’s locker to store her supplies. Eli, relieved and astonished, realized that all his fears were unfounded and that these feathers were not a sign of spells, but simply the result of his sister’s creative projects. However, he was annoyed to discover that his sister had access to his locker. Do you know what this clever girl replied about that? That she had allowed herself to make a duplicate of his keys because according to her, a businesswoman should always have several banks to store her fortune. That one, I swear she’ll always surprise me! So here’s a happy ending to this strange story that shook our dear Eli Tilmann. However, if I were him, I wouldn’t let my guard down because in the streets of Jonathanland, mysteries are never far away. To be honest, it even seemed to me that crows were discreetly following Eli sometimes. Worth investigating! Yes, I know it sounds strange, but who knows? With this town, nothing can surprise me anymore… Take care of yourselves and see you at the next gossip session!

Miss Tagada
Hi friends, my name is Miss Tagada and I'm Jonathanland’s gossip witch. Read my column, you won't be disappointed, because I have ears everywhere. The small elves in the forest tell me all the secrets of Jonathanland each night! With my broom, I'll take you on a journey through this city to discover the mysteries and juicy secrets of the people here. Uh oh ! Come on, I'll take you with me!