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Eli Tilmann on Halloween: Stop bullying!

Eli Tilmann on Halloween Stop bullying!
Toombow Kids

Hello to all my dear autumn strawberries! I hope you’re wearing warm clothes so you don’t catch a cold. I assure you, with my magic potions against colds, I’m not at risk of catching anything! If you would like the recipe, you’ll have to send me some juicy gossip! I hope many of you put on some spooky costumes and celebrated Halloween last night, October 31st! As for me, I truly had the best time ever! For that, I’d like to thank Eli Tilmann and his friends for teaching bullies a lesson! Stick with me for a good lesson with guaranteed thrills and chills!

Before I tell you all about their amazing feat, I need to explain how it all started! Since the start of the new school year in September at Alejandro Moya High School in Zachplyn, I’ve heard quite a few rumors about a student who was being bullied. And as you know, you have to take this situation very seriously, because a person is suffering! This poor teenager’s name is Erika and she is in the tenth grade! I started investigating the case, which was difficult, because the bullies were clever and left no trace. Luckily, my darling strawberries uncovered some clues that led me to 3 girls in their senior year: Mandy, Gabriella and Peyton. These girls are popular, but not in a good way, as most people are scared of them! Especially Gabriella. She’s the leader of the group, a real pain in the neck, very stuck-up and arrogant. I think her meanness really cancels out her beauty! The other two aren’t very bright and are mostly followers. As I listened very intently, I discovered that Gabriella has a grudge against the Golden Stars, the school’s famous cheerleading squad. What’s the reason?

Just because they kicked her off the squad and she never got over it! Through my well-placed sources, I even obtained a document written by the team coach listing the reasons for her dismissal, and the least I can say is that it’s not a pretty picture! Numerous absences, conflicts with the other girls on the team, lack of respect for the coach, bullying other girls she didn’t like on social media, use of performance-enhancing drugs, pressure and blackmail, etc. You’ll surely agree that she is no angel! Yet she stubbornly believes that Captain Lawna Grayson and the whole team are to blame. Since Erika is a rather shy new student and wanted to join the Golden Stars, Gabriella probably thought she’d be an easy target. So, with the help of Mandy and Peyton, the trio started by insulting poor Erika, putting rotten eggs in her locker, intimidating her… The poor girl didn’t dare say a word. And nobody noticed as they were very careful not to get caught! Except Eli Tilmann and his friends, Logan Lost and Johnny Glanderwood!

These three teenage sleuths who love mysteries devised a plan to make this diabolical trio stop bullying Erika. No one really knows they’re playing vigilante, except for you and me, which is the main thing! As Halloween approached, Logan wrote a short note and slipped it into Gabriella’s locker, which said:

“Gabriella, you’re always bragging to anyone who will listen that you’re not afraid of anything. If that’s true, meet me in front of the Edouards’ mansion at 9 p.m on Halloween night.”

Enraged by this message, which she considered a provocation, Gabriella and her two friends went to the mansion that evening. This huge building is rumored to be haunted, and I’ll admit it gives me the creeps! Hiding behind some trees, I watched closely to see what would happen, wondering what my favorite gang had been up to! Of the three girls, Gabriella was the only one who was not trembling. She stared impatiently at the deserted mansion and shouted that whoever had written the note was a coward and must show himself. Just then, the great doors of the mansion opened violently and a horrifying scream emanated from inside. An ice-cold female voice that still echoes in my mind.

“Get out of here, people who bully others do not belong here! Leave now before I curse you!”

Gabriella and her friends were so scared they ran for their lives! Then, Eli and his two friends exited the mansion, laughing out loud, as they congratulated each other on their terrifying impersonation! However, the strange and spooky thing about all this is that my strawberry spies that were in the mansion were positive that it wasn’t any of the three boys who screamed. So, where did the scream come from?

Dear readers, one day you won’t be lucky enough to have an “Eli Tilmann” or one of his friends in your class. If you are bullied, either physically or verbally, I urge you to tell your teachers, principal, friends or family immediately. Never be ashamed of being bullied, because in every case, you are not to blame, it is your bullies! And if you see someone being bullied, inform the adults who can help as soon as possible. Take care and see you soon for more new gossip!

Miss Tagada
Hi friends, my name is Miss Tagada and I'm Jonathanland’s gossip witch. Read my column, you won't be disappointed, because I have ears everywhere. The small elves in the forest tell me all the secrets of Jonathanland each night! With my broom, I'll take you on a journey through this city to discover the mysteries and juicy secrets of the people here. Uh oh ! Come on, I'll take you with me!