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The New Year at the Magical Bubbles Restaurant in Jonathanland

The new year at the Magical Bubbles Restaurant in Jonathanland
Toombow Kids

Happy New Year to all my magical strawberries! Welcome, dear readers, to the enchanting world of Witch Tagada for the first time in 2024! It’s me, your favorite witch with a deliciously fruity appearance, ready to unveil all the juicy secrets of the magical New Year’s Eve celebration in Jonathanland!

In my charming town in California, the New Year’s celebration that caught my attention the most was the one organized at the Magical Bubbles Restaurant, a very popular dining spot offering tasty dishes that visually resemble bubbles. This party, held on the night of December 31 just a few days ago, was specially dedicated to children and brought together a joyful crowd, from the tiniest toddlers to the teenagers of the municipality. This initiative came from the manager of this restaurant, the legendary Milly Prapra, surrounded by iconic personalities of Jonathanland. Alongside her were Lili Smooth, the confectioner from the renowned “Magasin des Petits Gourmands,” Elise Ewing, a renowned stylist and caring mother of three children: Madison (11 months), Kimberly (5 and a half years old), and Colin (10 years old). Supporting the event with enthusiasm, Katy Tilmann, mother of Eli Tilmann (16 and a half years old), his twin Kimberly Tilmann (16 and a half years old), and 10-year-old Conrad Tilmann, as well as Kizara, the mom of twins Ashley and Denise, completed the cheerful team. All these women gathered to ensure the safety of the children by keeping a close eye on them and ensuring the smooth running of the festivities.

Among the guests of honor were the orphaned children from the Vagabond Stars orphanage. Baby Madison, the youngest of the Ewing family, was accompanied by her sister Kimberly and her brother Colin. Eli Tilmann, surrounded by his best friends Logan Lost and Johnny Glanderwood, injected a dose of contagious enthusiasm into the event. Younger ones were present, such as Joshua, a 7-year-old boy. I remember that he used to be the boy I knew who hated kisses the most! But surprisingly, he seemed to have transformed overnight, starting to appreciate kisses and being kinder to his parents. Accompanied by his friends Flynn, Swan, Thomas, and Zack, all the same age, Joshua enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

On her part, Lawna Grayson, 17 years old, the undisputed star of Jonathanland, holder of the title of Miss Jonathanland Junior and captain of the cheerleading team, was cheered by the guests upon her arrival. But fans didn’t have time to enjoy her presence right away as she immediately left with several of her friends like Louane Madison and Kimberly Tilmann outside to rehearse final dance moves they had prepared. Their group was super well-dressed and very elegant, true beauty queens!

Moreover, among the guests, 13-year-old Cody was a hit. Other children were captivated as he told his story, having had to use a wheelchair after an accident before regaining the use of his legs. There was even an unexpected guest: a ghost named Sam! He had secretly come to accompany his friend Jordan, who wasn’t even aware. Jordan, a 10-year-old boy who loves doing magic tricks. To tell you the truth, even Mayor Arthur Froufrou honored the party by making an appearance to greet all the children and teenagers!

As for Baby Madison, a true whirlwind of energy, he didn’t stop dancing rhythmically in his high chair and leading his toddler friends, who were also present with their parents, in his actions! Among them, his friends Lady Mary, Laïla, Christopher, Lucas, Manhattan, Timmy, Princess Mindra, and of course, let’s not forget his little sweetheart Savannah, danced enthusiastically on their high chairs. A scene that was both cute and hilarious, delighting both young and old, including myself. You know, I have a strawberry heart! And most importantly, stay tuned to your cauldrons because the rest of this evening had some beautiful surprises in store!

Firstly, it was a delight thanks to the delicious “bubble burgers” prepared by Milly Prapra. Everywhere I looked, people were savoring and delighted! At one table, Jordan, accompanied by his friends Sally and Tai, was so focused on eating that he barely spoke! Cody’s twin sisters, Chelsea and Christy, made me laugh a lot: they were trying to guess and memorize all the ingredients of the burger so they could recreate it at home! I wish them good luck because even I, the queen of detectives, couldn’t find the recipe, so no one can! Its secret is top-secret! To accompany the savory dishes, the chef also distributed her secret drink that is a hit in Jonathanland called Cocum Valum. Once again, the kids loved it! A moment I found cute was when a 13-year-old named Anthony, who is autistic, stood up and spontaneously hugged Milly Prapra to thank her because it’s his favorite drink in the world! In fact, his sister Lorena and his brother Gordon agreed!

Lili Smooth, as the master of sweets, also delighted the guests with her famous Madala Magic, special candies that are sugar-free and filled with natural ingredients, carefully concocted by herself, allowing for delicious treats while avoiding the risk of cavities. The ingredients of these special candies, imported from Cameroon in Africa, added an exotic touch to the delights of the evening. Rose, Taylor’s little sister, even said they were the best candies in the world!

Eli Tilmann’s group improvised a three-person one-man show that made the children laugh a lot. If you had seen how they imitated Mayor Froufrou, you would have been rolling on the floor too! We also had the privilege of a private performance by the Golden Stars, the popular cheerleading troupe of the Johngold basketball team, who livened up the dance floor with their catchy choreographies. They were led by their captain Lawna Grayson, and they set the dance floor on fire; I felt like I was reliving my Tagada-ha-ha youth! I even heard little Ashley say that one day, she would also like to become a cheerleader! Then followed a quite funny exchange where Conrad replied to the twin that she absolutely should not do that because her big sister Kimberly was on the team, and he found what she did ridiculous!

For children who wanted a bit more peace, there was a reading corner where Jimmy Toon, our favorite librarian, captivated the little spectators with magical stories. The children even engaged in the game of telling stories to each other! For example, the twins Ashley and Denise read stories to the little ones who were present. I think it’s a good thing; I also like to read stories to my strawberry friends!

When the time approached for the New Year countdown, all the children went outside. Hand in hand, they formed a large circle all around the Magical Bubbles Restaurant under the starry sky of Jonathanland. At midnight, a splendid fireworks display erupted, illuminating the sky. The most incredible part was a message formed by one of them in golden letters that said “Happy New Year to all the children of the world.” What a brilliant staging, I tip my witch hat to Milly Prapra! All the children looked up and were amazed by the nocturnal spectacle. Afterwards, everyone applauded, hugged, danced, sang, and laughed. Then each one went home and had beautiful dreams.

Beyond the festivities, it’s certain that this evening will be engraved in the hearts of Jonathanland’s guests. The happiness of children, there’s nothing more important! So happy New Year to all, to children and teenagers, and good health!

Miss Tagada
Hi friends, my name is Miss Tagada and I'm Jonathanland’s gossip witch. Read my column, you won't be disappointed, because I have ears everywhere. The small elves in the forest tell me all the secrets of Jonathanland each night! With my broom, I'll take you on a journey through this city to discover the mysteries and juicy secrets of the people here. Uh oh ! Come on, I'll take you with me!