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The rescue of Justin Chan thanks to an AMBER Alert: The emotional account of a miraculous night

The rescue of Justin Chan thanks to an AMBER Alert - The emotional account of a miraculous night
California Highway Patrol

February 13, 2024, will be etched in the memories of the Long Beach community, as an AMBER Alert was activated following the abduction of Justin Chan, a 4-year-old boy, snatched from his family. In the streets, as the car headlights mingled with the glare of illuminated signs, a heavy atmosphere enveloped the city. Fortunately, amidst the turmoil, a ray of hope emerged – Justin was ultimately rescued, safe and sound, thanks to the collective efforts of the community. Toombow Kids recounts this evening of multiple twists and turns as if you were there.

According to reports from the Long Beach police, the child was abducted while left in the back seat of his father’s car, a 2021 Honda Accord, left running and unattended near First Street and Linden Avenue, while his father stepped away for a few minutes. An individual then entered and started the car while the young boy was still inside. These alarming circumstances triggered the AMBER Alert, which was issued shortly after 5:45 p.m. Once disclosed, this information prompted an unprecedented mobilization of law enforcement and local residents, who embarked on a race against time to find the child before it was too late.

The heroines of this evening are two young women, Reagan Dunn and her friend Yenny Lu. They made the decision to fulfill their civic duty and get actively involved, driven by a single desire: to find Justin and bring him back to the arms of his loved ones.

“We received an AMBER Alert on our phone and decided to start searching,” Dunn tells ABC7, with fierce determination in her voice. “We started driving around, it lasted for 10 minutes. Our route ended, and we decided to keep looking.”

The two friends continued to scan the surroundings until Dunn spotted a familiar vehicle in the distance: a gray Honda Accord, parked on the street. Exactly the same car as the kidnapper’s, which had been broadcast on all media!

“I took a look. I thought, wait, I just saw a gray Honda Accord, and I saw 8XP, which was the license plate.”

Dunn recalls.

After driving back across the street to verify their discovery, their suspicions were confirmed. They immediately called the authorities, who quickly arrived at the location of the kidnapper and rescued Justin, who was found safe and sound near The Pike Outlets shopping center. Finally returning to the arms of his loved ones after hours of ordeal, a shy smile illuminated his face.

“The vehicle was located by two good Samaritans who found the car and immediately called 911. We want to thank them for this act of heroism in finding this young boy.”

said the Long Beach Police Department in a statement.

On this tense February night, the AMBER Alert shone as a beacon of hope, guiding Justin Chan’s safe return home. This rescue demonstrates the power of collective mobilization to protect our children. One of Toombow Kids’ greatest wishes is that everyone can respond to calls for solidarity when it comes to saving those who are most vulnerable among us.

Baby Madison and Toombow
Hello friends, this is baby Madison with my friend Toombow the little train. We are thinking about all the parents who have children who have been kidnapped. So, we created a special department that will be managed by team of specialists. The goal of Toombow Kids is to relay any information to the authorities about children who have been kidnapped so that they can be found quickly. As a result, Toombow Kids would like to work with law enforcement agencies and Amber alert. Child safety is highly important to me, and is also the battle of Baby Madison, the SOS Madison International team, and the Baby Madison Label. Thanks everyone !