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“The Adventures of Eli Tilmann” is on the way!

The Adventures of Eli Tilmann is on the way !
Ewing Publication

An intriguing story full of mystery and suspense, with original concepts, charismatic characters and a special appeal to young people – this is how Mason Ewing describes his new book, The Adventures of Eli Tilmann: The Mystery of Athon Forrester, published on September 25th in the U.S. by Ewing Publication, and scheduled for release tomorrow, October 2nd, in French for all French-speaking countries. The Cameroonian-American personality and film and television producer, who made a name for himself by creating the world’s first braille clothing line, Madison Color, has been writing books since 2019, and is determined to make this new book a bestseller. For this reason, he has incorporated some innovative concepts. Exclusively for readers, Toombow Kids journalists reveal all the latest information they have about this novel, which promises to be a breath of fresh air in youth literature.

The fantasy novel The Adventures of Eli Tilmann: The Mystery of Athon Forrester was recently published in the U.S. It’s a 100% adventure story with a vast and unique universe that begins to take shape in this first volume, with a whole host of characters and subplots. In fact, Mason Ewing has a very precise vision for his work, and has already imagined the sequel. His aim is to turn this saga into a bestseller with a large mythology, such as Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings. A style that has already won over a big name in Hollywood : Stephen Nemeth, an award-winning producer who is committed to human rights related projects, as well as acclaimed films such as “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” with Johnny Depp. He wrote the preface to the novel, which provides a a great introduction to the story.

The author of The Mystery of Athon Forrester has brought a unique style of storytelling to his protagonist, Eli Tilmann, who draws readers into his intimate world by confiding all his secrets and sharing his life with them, using photos throughout the book to show what his friends and family look like, his favorite places in the city he loves, and the strange phenomena he witnesses. On a positive note, fans who want to find out even more about Eli and his gang can go online to the Baby Madison Fandom, a large free encyclopedia of visuals featuring Eli Tilmann and all the key characters who have already appeared in the book or will appear in subsequent ones. What’s more, as the site is regularly updated, fans of Eli’s adventures will often find new, never-before-seen images of the story’s heroes in action in their home town of Jonathanland. The infant hero Baby Madison lives here with his family and friends. Another novel concept unique to this new book series is… the “jackhammer”. The author defines this as the use of product placement in the book itself, where it is usually found in films, TV series, video games, billboards, etc. This makes the novel one of the first to use this technique!

Ewing Publication, the publisher of this book, is a subsidiary of the Mason Ewing Corporation, a holding company deeply committed to humanitarian causes through its SOS Madison International Foundation, which fights for children’s rights, respect for the disabled and the preservation of the environment. As a result, 20% of the profits from every purchase of The Mystery of Athon Forrester will be donated directly to an orphanage, to help children around the world who face difficult daily lives. What’s more, the eco-responsible distribution of this book is in line with ecological principles. In fact, to limit its carbon footprint, the book will be available almost exclusively in digital format, with the exception of the Amazon site, where it can be ordered in hard copy.

As for the story, it recounts the adventures of an almost 17-year-old teenager named Eli Tilmann, who lives in Jonathanland. Eli is a big, dreamy kid who spends his time investigating and solving mysteries with his two friends Logan and Johnny. This time, they’re involved in a strange adventure bordering on the supernatural with the disappearance of a young boy called Athon. They will do everything to find him, even if it means discovering the darker, more mysterious side of Jonathanland.

Curious about the Eli Tilmann project, the editors wanted to find out more by speaking directly with Mason Ewing, who was kind enought to answer our questions between business meetings.

Toombow Kids: A big first in your book is the fact that Eli, the main character, has his own Snapchat account, which he gives to readers at the end of Volume 1. How did you come up with this idea, and what’s its purpose?

Mason Ewing: My goal was for Eli’s fans to be able to talk to their friend, for him to be close to them, and if they have any questions for him, not to hesitate because Eli will answer them. But to find out, you’ll have to follow his adventures on Snapchat!

Toombow Kids: What would you like to say to readers who are new to Eli Tilmann’s adventures?

Mason Ewing: I would like readers to discover a story they don’t expect at all, to understand that the aim of this book is to chill out, enjoy reading, and learn about the extraordinary city of Jonathanland. Because in Eli Tilmann’s saga, they will learn a lot! Eli is a great guy and a wonderful friend. So take the time to get to know him and help him find Athon. And in the next adventure, you will discover Cameron’s strange disappearance.

Eli Tilmann’s adventures are just beginning with “The Mystery of Athon Forrester.” With a vast mythology in development, engaging characters and a unique narrative, this new saga promises to captivate young teens and young adults. So dive in, explore Jonathanland and join Eli, Logan and Johnny on their quest to solve the mystery of Athon Forrester. Eli Tilmann, an extraordinary teenager, opens the doors to his incredible universe!