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Madison Channel will launch in 2025!

Today on Toombow Kids, our team of journalists will report exclusive information and secrets about Madison Channel. If you haven’t heard the name yet, chances are you’ll hear it soon because according to the public relations campaign, it should make a big splash in the years to come. Madison Channel, a subsidiary of the Mason Ewing Corporation holding company, is described as a new streaming service that will offer a wide selection of TV series, movies, cartoons, documentaries and other programs that should be released in 2025. Until then, a team of experts in youth entertainment are actively working on programming, so the company can compete with the major players such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+…

Mason Ewing, creator of the Madison Channel, is also CEO of the holding company Mason Ewing Corporation. For this new adventure, he is solidly surrounded by several top executives such as Claudius Erhardy, who has worked for several years as an executive at Disney, as well as his right-hand man, the businessman Frank Kosakevitch, and Hugo Benoit, a lawyer, who is building a plan of buyouts of films, series, etc.

Madison Channel is inspired by the clothing brand Madison Color’s baby mascot muse, who will play a major role in this new video on demand service. The platform will offer its subscribers exclusive programs around the world of Baby Madison and his universe, many  scripts have already been written and just need to be filmed. Among the names of these original creations that have been entrusted to us exclusively, Toombow Kids can reveal « Johnny Fletcher, » a feature film that recounts the adventures of a 20th century orphan girl, Farine, which will be an animated film inspired by the most marvelous tales, and « Butterfly », a dramatic film inspired by the tale of Pinocchio where magic plays an important role. In addition to this content, which is intended to make children and adults dream, other new innovative children’s programs, will be in the line-up, along with other more traditional films and series. Madison Channel states that it intends to produce its own programs with the EPP production company and with other film and TV companies that are interested in collaborating.

As for broadcasting, Madison Channel will first be available in the United States before being available to many other countries around the world. One of Mason Ewing Corp.’s goals is to greatly expand the subscription video streaming service in Africa. Offices will open in Cameroon to manage this business. A team of talented animators will be based there to create cartoons that will be released on the Madison Channel. Jules Eyango , will ead this unit: a young Cameroonian prodigy in animation. Through this project, Mason Ewing Corporation also intends to encourage African youth and offer promising young talents the media recognition they deserve.

Finally, the streaming platform is looking to make a splash in Hollywood with a concept that doesn’t exist anywhere else. According to Madison Channel, this innovation will allow children and their parents, through a feature in the platform’s menu, to “enjoy a unique experience that will revolutionize the world of streaming platforms.” For the moment, no other information has been provided. While waiting for 2025, the Madison Channel team already invites you to discover its video introduction by clicking right here. Mason Ewing also sets the tone: “Be ready because 2025 will be the year of the Madison Channel!” The Mason Ewing Corporation team is currently in discussion with financiers and the President confided that he was keeping the doors open for new investors.