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EPP’s new emblem: the Enchanted Swan Lake Palace

Nadaponia palace
Ewing Power Production

Disney has Sleeping Beauty’s castle, Mario has Princess Peach’s castle, Mason Ewing Corporation now has the Enchanted Swan Lake Palace. After months of work with its 3D team, the American company MEC now has the final model of this impressive building, which has become the new symbol of the audiovisual production company Ewing Power Production (EPP), founded by artist and businessman Mason Ewing. Toombow Kids will explain the origins and goals of this innovative project…

To prepare for the move to Los Angeles, California on October 24, 2022, the Mason Ewing Corp. team had planned ahead. Their production subsidiary EPP brought 12 scripts already translated into English to be adapted for streaming platforms, movies or TV channels. In addition, the company has begun creating a signature introductory video for each of its upcoming feature films and TV series. And to design one that would live up to their ambitions, the EPP team wanted to create a symbol that would set them apart from their competitors such as Disney, Pixar, MarVista, etc. Mason Ewing knew he wanted a palace, so he spent several years researching to create the most beautiful monument possible. 

The American-Cameroonian designer worked with a team of talented designers and architects who created a stunning design for this emblem that he named the Enchanted Swan Lake Palace, a unique and majestic landmark. The EPP team then worked with one of the most successful 3D modeling teams to recreate the palace in a realistic three-dimensional version. The idea was to include this new centerpiece at the end of their introduction to close it in style. In addition, the company hopes that every time the audience sees the EPP introduction, they’ll know that they will see an impressive film.

Regarding the visual aspect of the palace that Toombow Kids is unveiling to you as a world exclusive, there are African, American, Asian, European ande even Oriental touches. Indeed, this palace was designed to be a building that blends all the cultures of the world in its design. Thus, some of its roofs and walls in blue, white and gold colors recall the most sumptuous oriental palaces; its enchanting aspect evokes German fairy tale castles; its luxurious detailed facades recall the most beautiful Renaissance castles in France such as Chambord or Chenonceau.

A symbol of magic and fairy tales for children and adults alike, this palace is not merely decorative. The Enchanted Swan Lake Palace is a living place with a long history and an entire universe to develop. In the future, it will be at the heart of many adventures that will be adapted into films, cartoons, and books. In the mythology of Baby Madison’s world, this castle is located on the planet Nadaponia and is ruled by the god Sahoran with his wife Nallya, his daughter Milara and his son Ileos.

The visionary creative team at the family-owned Mason Ewing Corporation is already looking to the future. After the exterior, the palace’s interior will be fully designed in 3D detail so that anyone on our planet can visit it, especially children around the world and in orphanages. One of MEC’s greatest wishes through EPP is that little boys and girls who do not have the opportunity to travel can do so virtually and marvel at the castle on the planet Nadaponia.

Finally, Mason Ewing Corp. is planning to build a full-scale Enchanted Swan Lake Palace on Geoffray Oudot Street in its future Madison Park theme park. To realize this project, the ambitious American company intends to hire architects who love challenges ! Toombow Kids has heard about the brilliant ideas from MEC’s creative team, which is already imagining how to make the palace shine with a thousand lights after dark, as well as music produced by the HoloTech Records company that will be played to immerse us in the Nadaponia universe. 

Unfortunately, the editors cannot tell you more at this time and invite you to discover this magical place for yourself once it has risen from of the ground and into the heavens. EPP assures that you will marvel at its beauty!

The Mason Ewing Corp team remains open to ambitious investors and financiers who would like to contribute to build this palace stone by stone, with the goal of surpassing Disney’s castle in popularity over the years. The doors of the enchanted Swan Lake Palace will be wide open to you, so for this new year 2023, practice your dance steps and get ready for an enchanting ball!