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“Flour” ushers in a new generation of Princess fairy tales

Flour ushers in a new generation of Princess fairy tales
Ewing Publication

“Flour”, a new fairy tale for children from Ewing Publication, will be published the week of June 12, 2023. It is the first book in the “Tales & Book of Spells” series. Behind this literary release is Mason Ewing, CEO of Mason Ewing Corporation, who wears many hats, including that of author. Toombow Kids reports on everything you need to know about “Flour” and the other fairy tales to come, exclusively for our readers.

Mason Ewing and Ewing Publication have “Flour” on their minds. And with good reason: it’s the culmination of a long process of reflection for this American-Cameroonian creative powerhouse. After studying the universe of princesses in books and films, he realized that it was essential for his group to create its own special princesses. Disney has “Cinderella, “Snow White, Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty,” “Pocahontas,” Belle from “Beauty and the Beast,” and now it’s time for Mason Ewing Corp. to have its own princesses. So he took some time to think about how he could bring something new and fresh to the genre of magical stories, and that’s how he envisioned creating 5 new princesses.

First of all, Flour, a fair-skinned princess with gorgeous golden hair and doe eyes. Then there is Rose-Lune, an exquisite mixed-race princess with velvety brown eyes, black hair with wood-colored highlights and mixed origins: her father is white and her mother is a black woman from Cameroon. The third is Piarla, a magnificent black mermaid who lives in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean near Africa. The fourth is Perifel, a charming Indian princess who lives on an island with her father, the chief of her tribe. And last but not least, Rose, a stunningly beautiful teenager who falls in love with an ogre with a mysterious heart.

Mason Ewing’s desire for the heroines in this new collection to be from many different origins reflects his desire for every child, wherever they live in the world, to be able to identify with them. He explains that it’s a a shame that most fairy tales feature characters are either white or black, whereas in real life, on every continent, be it America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Arab countries, there are mixed races and men and women of all origins. The publishing company’s spokesperson told us that other stories will be published in the future, such as one about Jenna, a beautiful Maghrebi princess, or another about the adventures of Kizana, an Asian princess.

Mason Ewing Corp. wants to be rooted in the real world, and wants all the children of the world to be able to broaden their horizons through stories from Ewing Publication books. This is a cause close to the heart of Mason Ewing, who experienced discrimination and rejection in France due to his dark skin colour. His aim is to ensure that young people don’t have to go through what he went through himself, by showing them that each and every one of them has a place in this world and by bringing people together rather than dividing them. When asked why he called this first story “Flour”, the author remains enigmatic.

“My answer is, “Why not? I think it’s a lovely name. You’ll have to read the story to find out why Flour has this name, because the name has a meaning. So ladies, don’t hesitate to discover the story of this future young princess! I like to keep my stories mysterious…”

Our resourceful reporter has been able to gather some information about the origin of the name of the “Tales & Book of Spells” collection. It was so named because it aims to give children the chance to hold in their hands books that are as beautiful as grimoires (book of spells) with an enchanted aspect. What’s more, this collection would give children a magical power: the ability to continue dreaming. For example, most little girls dream of becoming a princess or even a fairy one day, and this first “Flour ” fairy tale will be their first personal grimoire, immersing them in a world of fairy tales. The collection has a motto: “A grimoire cannot belong to everyone, except “Tales & Book of Spells”. A spokesperson from Ewing Publication also told us that an animated adaptation of the “Flour” story is planned for December 2025. Exciting news indeed !

The founder of the publishing house, Mason Ewing, made it clear that his new “Tales & Book of Spells” collection is not about rejection, but about humanity and tolerance! He even confided that he is excited about the feature film adaptation of “Flour” to be released in cinemas around the world in December 2025, so that every child can dream.

Ewing Publication is inviting children from all over the world to share their thoughts on this new collection and wishes everyone a great time discovering this magical universe !