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Happy birthday to Baby Madison, an icon of tolerance and a shield against bullying

Happy birthday to Baby Madison, an icon of tolerance and a shield against bullying
Toombow Kids

Hello Toombow Kids readers. On October 23rd, just over a week ago, we celebrated the birthday of a fictional character who is truly one of a kind: Baby Madison! A mascot who is not only cute and endearing, but also a symbol of tolerance and unity in a world often plagued by bullying.

A memorable party at Baby Madison’s villa

Imagined by serial creator Mason Ewing, Baby Madison is a very active baby and he lives in the city of Jonathanland with his loved ones. This year, his parents Peter Ewing and Elise Ewing, celebrated his birthday in style at their villa in California, surrounded by family and friends. Eight of his baby friends, including Savannah Wood, Timmy Cooper, Lady Mary Ndoumbé, Christopher Grayson, Laïla Dhamani, Lucas Suzuki, Princess Mindra Chakir, and Manhattan Azaria, were there for the special event. They enjoyed a delicious birthday snack, fruit purees specially prepared by celebrity chef Milly Prapra, who is the owner of the Magic Bubble restaurant. The little food lovers were delighted ! Older guests and family friends were even treated to Madala Magic, the city’s famous lollipops, prepared with secret know-how by Lili Smooth, the star confectioner. Baby Madison was showered with gifts, including a gorgeous gold onesie, given to him by his parents, with the words “You are our treasure” written in sugar paste on a cake. What a sweet declaration of love! But the 11-month-old is more than just entertainment, he’s also a committed hero.

Baby Madison: A symbol of tolerance who fights bullying

Despite his tender age, the infant embodies the idea of tolerance and unity. This universal character represents all ethnicities, with his mixed-race skin, blond lock of hair, slanted blue eyes, and physique (neither too thin nor overweight), reflecting the ethnic diversity that characterizes our world. Baby Madison’s creator reminds us that bullying has no color, and that all children, wherever they live in the world, can be victims. That’s why Baby Madison has become a significant symbol in the fight against bullying. Through his comic book adventures, such as Volume 1 of Madison Goes to India, he promotes essential values such as mutual aid, tolerance and living together. He strongly denounces all forms of maliciousness, including bullying, and encourages his followers to be kind to others. But that’s not all.

Indeed, this baby inspiring hope is also actively involved in the fight against bullying through the SOS Madison International Foundation, where he is the muse. It champions and improves the rights of children and disabled people around the world, as well as protects the environment. The Baby Madison Label is one of the organization’s key initiatives, guaranteeing the safety of children’s organizations and promoting the values of safety, respect and educational quality. In partnership with the Alticert certification organization, it aims to guarantee a safe future for children, teenagers and young adults. Mason Ewing decided to launch this label after experiencing childhood trauma himself in establishments that did not respect his rights, and he does not want young people to suffer the same hardships. Thus he created the Baby Madison Label, which was awarded for the first time to a youth center Guignes, France, on July 16, 2022. The next step, in order to help as many children as possible, is to establish this label in the United States and then worldwide!

Finally, there are other heroes living in Jonathanland that also combat bullying, such as Eli Tilmann, whose first volume of amazing adventures was released at the end of September 2023. In his story, Eli is always surrounded by his friends. He is shown as an empathetic, supportive, and respectful boy who appreciates diversity. By conveying these values through its hero , The Adventures of Eli Tilmann: The Mystery of Athon Forrester may inspire readers to act more humanely, thus reducing the likelihood of young people acting like bullies.

Baby Madison not only has a beautiful little face, he also embodies the values of unity and tolerance, and is a strong advocate against bullying. Through merchandising, initiatives like the Baby Madison Label and future Ewing Power Production productions, he leaves a positive and lasting impression on children’s hearts, reminding us that caring and unity are vital for a brighter future. Ewing Publication, a subsidiary of Mason Ewing Corp. is developing a comic book about bullying with Baby Madison.