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Shun and Slime, the fun sticky goop!

It’s slimy and a bit disgusting but your kids love it! We’re talking about slime of course, this kind of slimy goop that many fans like 9 year old Shun play with. Toombow Kid will find out more from Shun about this curious mixture and its many uses!

Toombow Kids: Hi Shun, how are you? Why do you like slime?
Shun: Hi! I’m fine! I like it because it’s fun and you can make it into any shape you want. And it feels weird when you touch it!

Toombow Kids: Okay, I understand! What is the best recipe to make slime?
Shun: Uh… I’ve tried a lot of them by looking on YouTube. The easiest one I’ve found is to mix Actikids glue, then add shaving cream and eye drops. Then you mix it well and it’s ready to go!

Toombow Kids: Thanks for the tip, we’re sure that some of you will try it! But do you have to be careful with the slime?
Shun: Oh yes, with the little ones, you have to tell them that you can’t eat it! Because with what’s inside, it’s toxic! They have to play with it with their mom and dad so that they can watch them.

Toombow Kids: Yes, you’re right, it’s important. How do you keep your slime safe?
Shun: It’s so easy, I put it in a box. I just have to make sure it’s tightly closed.

Toombow Kids: How convenient! Do you prefer to buy the slime or make it yourself?
Shun: Oh I prefer to make it myself. It makes more slime and costs less overall. That way, I have more money in my piggy bank!

Toombow Kids: Oh, you’re a real creative type then! Did you know that slime originally came from the U.S. and was invented to imitate fart noises in movies?
Shun: (laughs) No, I didn’t know that but it’s funny. I’ll tell my friends!

Toombow Kids: Everyone will know about it! (laughs) What are your favorite slimes?
Shun: Oh I would have to say the fluffy slimes! The texture is so satisfying, you’d love it!

Toombow Kids: I believe you! And finally, what’s the best joke to do with slime?
Shun: You can put green slime next to your bed and make it look like you threw up!

Toombow Kids: What a great idea! Even if it must scare the parents (laughs). Thank you for all these details Shun and see you soon on Toombow Kids!

Hello this message is for you children, I am not Mrs. Santa Claus, but I am your favorite fairy Elvira. I know that unfortunately some children do not get any toys at Christmas, but I hope that my column will bring you a little dream of joy. And who knows, maybe one day the Toombow Train will drop a toy in front of your fireplace. Close your eyes and let the fairy with her magic wand do the rest.