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Zacharie Malek, a multi-talented artist

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The artistic world is vast and contains many fields to discover. Young Zacharie understands this and has decided to fully dedicate himself to exploring different artistic fields in order to thrive in this universe. For Toombow Kids, he agreed to an interview.

Toombow Kids: Hello Zacharie, how are you? Can you tell us about yourself?

Zacharie: Hi, I’m doing great, thanks. I hope you are too! My name is Zacharie Malek, I’m 21 years old, I’m a beginning actor but I’m also a book author and editor in chief of Mag’ison, a magazine that talks about manga and the world of Baby Madison.

Toombow Kids: It’s funny, you have kind of the same resume as the Disney actors. You know, the kind that do a lot of things at once!

Zacharie: (laughs) Well, I don’t consider myself to be at that level yet. But in the future, I hope so! It’s true that I enjoy having a wide range of activities. It allows me to apply skills I’ve learned in one area to another. I love learning and pushing my limits!

Toombow Kids: Where did your love for literature come from?

Zacharie: I was lucky to grow up in a family that gave me a taste for reading. When I was young, my mother read me at least one story each night and I loved it. When I learned to read, I devoured one book after another, and since then, it has never stopped!

Toombow Kids: That’s wonderful. How does it feel to have co-written three books that have already been published at your age?

Zacharie: It’s awesome! I’m thrilled that Ewing Publication gave me the chance to express what I had to say. In these children’s books, like « The Kissing Monster, » we wanted to convey messages of hope and good morals. I hope these books can make children dream and help educate them!

Toombow Kids: It’s true that reading is essential for children! What do you like about acting?

Zacharie: Playing different characters is a joy for me! It’s what makes me tick and allows me to explore new facets of my personality and to let go of my emotions!

Toombow Kids: How do you prepare for an acting role?

Zacharie: The most important thing for me is realism and authenticity, so I try to put myself in the character’s shoes. I use the the Actors Studio method. I can’t wait and I dream about making my first movie or series!

Toombow Kids: I think you’ll succeed! Thanks Zacharie for stopping by and see you soon!

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