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Tom and his passion for editing

Tom and his passion for editing
Toombow Kids

When people are asked what makes a good movie, most tend to answer “the actors.” That’s true, but only partly, because far from the spotlight, quality editing is essential to a film’s success. Tom Cabanal-Duvilard’s dream is to become a great editor. He’s 22 years old and recently finished his studies at a film and audiovisual school. Let’s meet this image enthusiast!

Toombow Kids: Hello Tom and welcome to Toombow Kids! First question, can you explain to the younger readers what editing is?

Tom: Hello, thanks for the invitation. To put it simply, editing involves : taking the images filmed by the cameras, assembling them, adding effects, playing with the image and the sound to create a story. That’s what is exciting about editing, you may have the same footage but you have so many choices to tell the story in different ways.

Toombow Kids: A real magician’s job! We often hear that editors are “geeks,” is that a common misconception?

Tom: It depends. One comment I’ve heard the most, especially from crew members, is “I don’t understand how you can sit in a room all day on your screen.”  But editing is one of the most important things! You turn a raw product into a finished product. I’d say it’s a job driven by one’s passion.

Toombow Kids: Speaking of passion, what kind of projects do you prefer to work on?

Tom: I’m open to anything, but I prefer fiction. Up until now, I’ve worked on a lot of short films and I hope to have the opportunity to edit feature films in the future.

Toombow Kids: That’s all we wish for you! Can you share with us a film that you find particularly well edited?

Tom: There are many… For example, « Snatch » is a film with very effective editing. There are some very dynamic passages with a lot of images in a row and some original choices. I have a hard time with boring things, I like editing that stands out!

Toombow Kids: What are your secrets for good editing?

Tom: Editing is very hard and there are many things to take into account. First of all, you have to be careful with the cuts: know how not to stop too early or too late. Personally, listening to the music for the scenes helps me to find the right tempo to make the connections. Also, you have to mix and match and test a lot of things, because choosing one image over another can change everything.

Toombow Kids: Thanks for all these tips! In conclusion, what advice do you have for young people who would like to have a career in editing?

Tom: Hang in there and be patient. Get inspiration from everywhere: movies, the Internet, YouTube… You have to be curious!

Toombow Kids: Got it, Tom! Thanks again for answering our questions. The entire Toombow Kids team wishes you a great career in editing!

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