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Lucas dreams of the cinema !

Lucs, full face
toombow kids

Ever since the first film in history was shown in 1895, cinema has never ceased to attract and fascinate the public. However, far from the glitz and glamour, it is clear that it is a world that’s difficult to access. However, this does not prevent millions of young people around the world from dreaming of a career as an actor. This is the case of Lucas Warren, an aspiring French artist who will talk to you about his motivations and the difficulties he faced to reach his goal.

Toombow Kids: Hello Lucas! Can you introduce yourself?

Lucas Warren: Hi! My name is Lucas Warren, I’m 21 years old and my dream is to become an actor.

Toombow Kids: Where does your passion for cinema come from?

Lucas Warren: Ever since I was a young child! At my school, we used to do plays for the end of year show. I’ll always remember the time I performed in a room of 500 people, it was incredible! That’s when the fire, the passion came. My drama teacher gave me leading roles and really encouraged me. I owe her a lot!

Toombow Kids: Why did you want to become an actor?

Lucas Warren: First of all, to embody the different facets I have in myself, and then to be able to explore the ones I don’t know yet.

Toombow Kids: Do you find the film world to be a closed environment?

Lucas Warren: As it is a very coveted field, not many people succeed in a big way. It’s true that it works a lot through networking and who you know. Sometimes, people prefer to give a chance to people they know rather than to those who come out of nowhere. I think that’s a shame.

Toombow Kids: What challenges do you face in pursuing your dream?

Lucas Warren: I would have to say I need to speak English better, because I would like to work with the biggest directors and actors in the U.S. Otherwise, I have no limits!

Toombow Kids: How do people react when you tell them you want to be an actor?

Lucas Warren: Often people think I’m a dreamer. But I intend to prove to everyone that this is my path by working hard!

Toombow Kids: How do you prepare for an audition?

Lucas Warren: I learn the lines by heart. Once I know it, I play it in different ways, sadly, angrily, etc. to really get into it and play it in the best way. I work a lot with the Actors Studio method.

Toombow Kids: That’s great! Who is the actor or actress who inspires you the most?

Lucas Warren: I love Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey and Natalie Portman.

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