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Red alert: Trapped in Conrad Tilmann’s bedroom!

Red alert Trapped in Conrad Tilmann's bedroom!
Toombow Kids

What a nightmare!  How did I end up in this mess? My dear readers, your favourite magical sorceress is currently trapped in Conrad Tilmann’s room. I absolutely must escape without being spotted. In my entire career as a witch, this is the first time that a human being might discover my existence, and I must not let that happen! I am the Queen of discretion after all. Well, I’ll end the suspense and cut to the chase…

A short while ago, as I was having a quiet chat at the end of the day with my enchanted strawberries. I noticed that one of them was missing: Gluberry, my gluttonous strawberry. If I don’t keep an eye on her, she’s always up to mischief! So I got on my magic broom and picked up my strawberry detector, a handy gadget for keeping track of my berries. Following its directions, I found myself in the middle of Zachplyn, right in front of the Tilmann house, one of the town’s most important families. Luckily, their home was empty, so I approached an open upstairs window and went inside.

It was Conrad’s bedroom, he’s 10 year’s old and the youngest child in the family. I got out of there, went into the kitchen and that’s when I got really angry! I discovered Gluberry lying down on the table and snoring, with a few crumbs next to her. I can’t believe it, she’d helped herself to a plate of homemade cookies and had fallen asleep like a sleeping strawberry! I woke her up and told her to leave immediately while I cleaned up her mess. Just as I’d finished cleaning up, I heard a key turn in the lock on the front door! I didn’t hesitate, I  rushed to the stairs and returned to Conrad’s room. However, a gust of wind had blown the window shut! What’s more, I could hear little Tilmann’s footsteps coming towards the bedroom… So that was my predicament!

Uh oh, I’ve got to act fast! Time for a magic spell: “By the power of strawberries, let me become tiny!” And there I was, shrinking to the size of a little mouse! I crawled under the bed, hoping Conrad wouldn’t notice me. I heard him come back into his room, only he wasn’t alone, his friend Colin was with him. He’s the eldest of the Ewing family, he’s also 10 and for me that means double trouble! Conrad said he wanted to play with his fire engine and as luck would have it, it was right next to me! I had to act fast, so I held my breath and jumped into a sock lying next to me. The boys took the fire truck and I managed to skedaddle unnoticed! They played for a long time, I thought they would never stop! Finally, the voice of the mother, Katy Tilmann, set me free:

“Children, it’s time to come and eat!”

The children dropped their toys and quickly left the bedroom. Victory! I snuck out of the room and went into the room next door where I could feel a draft. It was Kimberly’s room, Eli Tilmann’s twin, a beauty queen and cheerleader! Unfortunately, as I approached the open window, Kimberly herself walked in! I barely had time to hide in a large piggy bank on the shelf. I thought I’d just wait for her to leave and escape, but then she came closer and started singing about counting her money. Oh my God, help me, will this nightmare never end ? But then a miracle happened! Just as she was about to pull out the rubber stopper underneath the piggy bank, she received a call from her friend Ashley. Here’s what she had to say :

“Hi Kimmy, I’m outside your house! Hurry up, don’t forget we have to go to Bobby’s party!”

So Kimberly immediately grabbed her handbag before leaving her room. At last the way was clear for me and I was able to run away. Boy was I relieved !

The moral of the story is that you need to keep an eye on your strawberries because if you don’t, you can get into big trouble! As for me, I’m going to take a nice hot bath with lots of flower-scented foam, because I really deserve some relaxation. See you next month, my dear readers!

Miss Tagada
Hi friends, my name is Miss Tagada and I'm Jonathanland’s gossip witch. Read my column, you won't be disappointed, because I have ears everywhere. The small elves in the forest tell me all the secrets of Jonathanland each night! With my broom, I'll take you on a journey through this city to discover the mysteries and juicy secrets of the people here. Uh oh ! Come on, I'll take you with me!