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Small in stature but big at heart

Small in stature but big at heart
Elias Small

Elias shines brightly in the sunny landscapes of Var, France, at the age of 36. Affected by dwarfism, Elias embodies much more than his size. After a career in accounting, he flourishes in event planning, but another crucial step in his life is looming: fatherhood. Ready to become a father for the first time, he embarks on this adventure with his partner. Given the risk of his child inheriting his condition, he opts for assisted reproductive methods to choose embryos that won’t inherit dwarfism, reducing the likelihood of his child being affected by it. With his life experience, kindness, and values, Elias embodies the future super dad who will lovingly guide his child on the path of life. Beyond appearances and prejudices, Toombow Kids introduces you to this endearing Var local.

Dubbed “Elias Small” on social media, Elias enjoys defying expectations and turning his difference into strength. Growing up in an environment where love and family support were essential, he gratefully acknowledges the privilege of having parents and siblings who always supported him, instilled good values, and encouraged him to chase his dreams. To put things into perspective, he recalls a friend with the same condition whose parents mocked him, evidence that love is not universal in all families.

Despite the challenges he faces due to his size, Elias refuses to be defined by stereotypes and prejudices. Hurtful remarks mainly come from adults.

“Children are innocent; when they react negatively, it’s not their fault, it’s just a reflection of their parents’ negative reactions. Sometimes, children will look at me and tell their parents that I’m a child. One even followed me in a store because he mistook me for another child. So I led him to his parents to ensure his safety. Some adults are embarrassed, and sometimes, they tell their children that I’m sick. For me, children are learning, and if they want to ask me a question, I’ll happily answer.”

Asked about his experience with others’ perceptions and bullying, Elias reveals that he felt pressure in his youth but no longer fears others’ judgment. Regarding advice he would give to children facing bullying, Elias emphasizes the importance of not letting taunts affect their self-esteem.

“The more importance we give to others’ words, the more power we give them. You have to learn to ignore these remarks, to show that it doesn’t affect us, or to turn the situation around. For example, I’ve had people say to me several times, ‘Wow, it’s the first time I’ve talked to a dwarf!’ and in that case, I replied, ‘So what, do you feel like you’re on Mars?’ But often, these are closed-minded people who only watch TV and live through it.”

Finally, Elias hopes that people will better understand the reality of individuals with dwarfism and treat them with respect and dignity. For him, it’s high time society opens its eyes to this diversity and values it.

“Each person has a personality; everyone has their difference, and that’s what makes human value. Everything we have, we can make exceptional and very positive. You have to work on yourself, build foundations, weave your bulletproof vest so you won’t be affected.”

Thus, Elias teaches us a valuable lesson: our true strength lies in our differences. So, children of the world, remember: every individual is unique, and every singularity is a wealth to celebrate. Let’s embrace our differences, for that’s where the true magic of life lies!

Hello to all parents and children around the world, as you can see, Toombow the train thinks of everyone. In this section, we will share the stories of some mothers and fathers, parents who are going through difficult times because of a disabled or sick child. Thanks to the love for their child, they keep hope, so come and discover their daily life, their joys and sorrows. Who knows, maybe it could help you, or give you ideas. This is Toombow the choo choo train !