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Jean-Marc Batorowa, the king of storytellers!

Jean-Marc and his daughter
Toombow Kids

Jean-Marc Batorowa, age 58, is a happy man and the father of three children, ages 30, 25 and 9, whom he adores. Yet, even though he looks like a typical dad, this cheerful 50-year-old is the creator of Wagaboo, a YouTube channel that presents unique and creative stories for children. Toombow Kids interviewed this passionate man and will tell you his fascinating story.

It all started in 2020 with Clara, Jean-Marc’s youngest daughter. At the time, she was 7 years old. She loved the bedtime stories her dad told her each night. With his ability to imitate different types of voices, and use intonations, the father made his child so happy that one day she suggested that he share this gift with a wider audience. The solution? Create a YouTube channel!

“At the time, my daughter watched a lot of videos on YouTube. This really motivated me. I thought about what kind of content to offer and I figured I’d do what I do best: tell stories. I picked up my first book, started reading and recording. After that, I created my channel which I called “Wagaboo.”

The first story, called “The Koala that Said Swear Words,” was posted online on September 30, 2020, and since then, Jean-Marc has not stopped! He works as a salesman, but he devotes time to create content for his YouTube channel, to his daughter’s delight. As time goes by, the father of the family refined his style and improved his videos. Music, editing, and many sound effects! How does Wagaboo work ? Authors of books dedicated to youth send the illustrations of their works to Jean-Marc, who will stage them in a video while bringing them to life with his voice. Clara admires his talent and even participates in some of the stories by speaking for several characters with her father! This has created a special bond between Jean-Marc and Clara. The creator of Wagaboo revealed to Toombow Kids the magic ingredients to be a good dad:

“I think the secret is to be attentive and listen to children. It’s very important to take the time to read them a bedtime story. My older son and daughter often tell me that they loved this. Give them affection and hugs, and tell them that you love them!”

In addition to this sound advice, Jean-Marc also has one last message for the young readers of Toombow Kids.

“Sit down on the living room couch with Mom and Dad to watch Wagaboo. It’s a great way to enjoy time with your family. It’s the kind of thing I wish I had seen as a kid! Reading is wonderful, and I hope that my videos will inspire you to start reading.”

Wagaboo is a beautiful proof of love of a father for his daughter.It shows that from a simple idea, a beautiful adventure can be created!

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