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In Jonathanland, a magical Christmas at the Orphanage of the Wandering Stars

In Jonathanland, a magical Christmas at the Orphanage of the Wandering Stars
Toombow Kids

In the gentle glow of stars and the warm twinkle of Christmas lights, a special magic descends from the sky to bring hope and joy. Toombow, our cheerful mascot train, guides this enchanting breeze to children worldwide. Through its foundation, SOS Madison International, the American company Mason Ewing Corporation, owner of Toombow Kids magazine, is committed to supporting the rights of children and people with disabilities worldwide. Under the guidance of their ambassador, Baby Madison, a universal symbol of unity and hope, the team shares a compassionate outlook toward orphans. According to the NGO SOS Children’s Villages International, there are over 220 million orphaned children on our planet. So many lives that need care to grow and flourish in happiness.

In the magical universe of Jonathanland, where Baby Madison resides, a special spark shines as Christmas approaches. This spark illuminates the Orphanage of the Wandering Stars, a place where dreams come to life, and love transcends borders. During this festive season, Toombow Kids is delighted to share an exclusive story, an enchanted tale recounting Christmas there.

In the sparkling brilliance of decorations, the Orphanage of the Wandering Stars awoke to the magic of Christmas Eve on December 24th. Elise Ewing, a renowned stylist from Jonathanland and a volunteer in the facility during her free time, was among the many Jonathanlanders who, as every year, chose to spend their Christmas Eve there with all the orphaned children. Wrapped in a cozy coat, she led her family, including her husband Peter and their three children Colin, Kimberly, and Baby Madison, to this sanctuary of peace and love for all these abandoned children who don’t have the chance to have families of their own. The entire family, not forgetting their puppy Scoot, was eagerly anticipating, and she wouldn’t be disappointed!

For this grand festive evening, Milly Prapra, the great chef with infinite talents and manager of the Magical Bubbles Restaurant, had transformed the main dining hall of the Orphanage into a delightful scene. The scent of the giant Christmas tree’s needles tickled the noses of the little residents, while the intoxicating aroma of the delicious dishes prepared added a gourmet touch to the already sweet atmosphere. Earlier in the day, the center’s director, Barbara Simpson, had been busy at one of the children’s favorite times: decorating the room! With their agile hands, they hung sparkling garlands on the walls, along with things they had created themselves. All in an enchanted atmosphere where laughter echoed like bells, creating a magical harmony that enveloped the orphanage with warmth and joy. The festive activities, orchestrated by the cheerful residents of the orphanage, were a true spectacle. Playful games, catchy Christmas carols, and spontaneous dances transformed the hall into an enchanted theater, and looking out the window, you could even see the stars dancing in the night sky. All the present residents, as well as other locals who had come to join the celebration, were having a great time, even the little ones like Baby Madison, the youngest at 11 months old, the fashion designer Elise Ewing’s creation, and the powerful man Peter Ewing’s son. The latter couldn’t stop laughing, and several children enjoyed playing with him, creating a magical connection between generations. Moreover, teenagers like Eli Tilmann, 16 and a half years old, were also part of the festivities. Accompanied by his father Anthony, mother Katy, twin sister Kimberly, and brother Conrad, he had organized a treasure hunt game for the orphanage’s children since he himself is a passionate investigator.

As for dinner, each dish was a culinary work of art, an explosion of flavors that delighted the taste buds of the little guests. After indulging themselves, the children gathered in a circle for the traditional exchange of greeting cards, eager to discover the messages from the city addressed to them. Each word and drawing was a warm embrace from the community around them. This moment was followed by the arrival of Mayor Arthur Froufrou, dressed in a sparkling red suit, announcing to the children that Santa Claus had come and had been very generous with them! The distribution of gifts, coming from generous Jonathanlanders behind the scenes, was a moment of pure wonder. The carefully wrapped packages were torn open by the girls and boys with contagious excitement, as if they were discovering treasure!

At the Orphanage of the Wandering Stars, Christmas wasn’t just a festive night; it was a magical adventure, an unforgettable symphony where each note was a promise of love and kindness. The stars, silent witnesses to this magical night, whispered wishes for eternal happiness into the night sky. The Toombow Kids train and all the journalists wish a Merry Christmas to all the children at the orphanage!