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Louis Lopez: A face of the Madison Color revolution at Revenge

Louis Lopez A face of the Madison Color revolution at Revenge
Sophie Bortoluzzi

A few days ago, in the illuminated streets of the City of Light, Paris, early in the morning, a scene unfolded before passersby: a tall young man with dark blond hair and heterochromatic eyes, accompanied by a team of professionals including a photographer and a cameraman, was conducting a photoshoot to promote Madison Color. This young man is Louis Lopez, and he has recently been selected from an elite group of models to walk the runway at the highly anticipated “Revenge” fashion show in Los Angeles, scheduled for October 23. This event will mark the return of designer Mason Ewing to Los Angeles and will introduce the Madison Color brand, a pioneer in integrating braille into clothing, to the United States. Toombow Kids had the opportunity to meet Louis, who will celebrate his 20th birthday in a few days, on April 9. This multifaceted young man is currently in his final year of BTS management, as well as being a passionate basketball player, model, and actor.

Toombow Kids: Hello Louis! We would like to know: Where did your passion for modeling and basketball come from, and what is your experience in these two areas?

Louis: Hello everyone! As for modeling, it happened last summer. One day, my mother jokingly said, “I can imagine you as a model!” and it got me thinking. I researched this field, underwent training that gave me several keys, and did photo shoots to enrich my portfolio. I applied a lot and eventually got represented by an agency. As for basketball, I started at the age of 6 and haven’t stopped since! I don’t know why I got into this sport, it was a time when I wanted to try things out, but I immediately fell in love with it! I started playing for a club in my small village, later changed clubs, but eventually returned to my original club. Last year, we became champions of Regional 2 and moved up to Regional 1. For my position, I’m a shooting guard, but I can also play point guard. I have more of a shooting guard profile. Players like Mike James, John Wall, Luka Doncic, or Stephen Curry inspire me a lot.

Toombow Kids: Congratulations! What was your reaction when you learned that you had been chosen to walk for the Madison Color brand at the “Revenge” fashion show?

Louis: At first, I didn’t believe it, I thought it was a joke, but it’s real. I’m happy to participate in this event! I met an extraordinary person, the creator of this brand Mason Ewing, who is leading a great fight. This brand promotes values of inclusivity and innovation by integrating braille into its clothing, and I’m very proud to contribute to promoting this initiative. Plus, I find it so important to “see,” and it touches me to see people who don’t have this sense. Blind people are incredible!

Toombow Kids: Indeed, as a member of a basketball team, if Madison Color told you that they were organizing a basketball game one day where players are blindfolded to experience what it’s like to be blind and with a sound basketball, would you be ready to participate?

Louis: That would be an original experience! We would need to find a solution for the hoop to be sound-enabled and organize everything well, but of course, it would be a challenge and I would like to participate!

Toombow Kids: Indeed, nothing is impossible! Madison Color’s logo is Baby Madison, this mixed-race baby with blond locks and almond-shaped blue eyes. What does it evoke for you?

Louis: It evokes diversity, childhood, the joy of living, the idea of dreaming big, of not setting limits. It only evokes positive things for me, it puts me in a dreamer’s mentality. I can’t wait to represent it!

Toombow Kids: How do you plan to prepare for the Revenge fashion show?

Louis: I plan to go to Los Angeles in advance, and once there, I will be coached by a lady named Lea Kiss, who is a recruiter and trains models. She works at the Elite Model Management agency in Miami.

Toombow Kids: Fantastic! What advice would you give to children who aspire to pursue a career in sports or modeling?

Louis: Physically, you have to be at the top all the time, but there’s also the mental aspect. If you don’t have the mental aspect, it’s going to be complicated. My father always tells me that there are three things for success: work, work, and work! In modeling, you have to believe in your abilities, you have to persevere. You’re going to receive a lot of no’s, but you have to convince yourself that you will succeed. During my photo shoots, I relax, I unwind, I tell myself that I will give it my all and do my best. And when I have a game, I like to get into my bubble 2-3 hours before, use a massage roller to relax my muscles, do my shooting drills, listen to my music.

Toombow Kids: How do you envision your future in the worlds of sports and modeling? Do you have any other projects or aspirations you would like to pursue?

Louis: My project in modeling would be to evolve as much as possible, to collaborate with major luxury brands, to make a mark in the industry, while continuing basketball. If I have opportunities in fashion, I will give myself a chance: I am ready to invest 100% in modeling! And I will always keep basketball but more as a hobby and to stay in good physical shape. For now, I am focusing on the Revenge fashion show coming up this year.

Toombow Kids: One last thing: knowing that you are passionate about this sport, we couldn’t help but ask you a question about Baby Madison Basket, this visual where we can see the Madison Color mascot in basketball attire. What do you think of him?

Louis: Ah, Baby Madison Basket? He’s super cute, he’s a real MVP! I mean, look at him, he already looks like he’s ready to dribble! (laughs)

Toombow Kids: We sincerely thank you, Louis, for sharing your experience and perspectives with us. We will follow you with interest on October 23, 2024, in the City of Angels and wish you the best in your preparations for the Revenge fashion show!