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Literary discovery: The Adventures of Eli Tilmann

Literary discovery The Adventures of Eli Tilmann
Ewing Publication

After shining a spotlight on Baby Madison for 18 years , storytelling company Mason Ewing Corporation (MEC) will unveil a new hero to the public. Indeed, MEC’s and Ewing Publication’s teams are actively working on a new series of books called « The Adventures of Eli Tilmann. » The first volume, « The Mystery of Athon Forrester, » will be released in 2023. This literary saga will introduce a new iconic character: Eli Tilmann. Toombow Kids presents this exclusive report, where you will learn about Mason Ewing’s vision for this hero’s universe.

A breath of fresh air blows in Jonathanland, the fictional city created by Mason Ewing. For once, it won’t be the iconic cheeful infant who will be star in this upcoming book series from Ewing Publication, but Eli Tilmann. He, too, is blond and blue-eyed, adventurous, and lives in Jonathanland, where Baby Madison lives, but those are the only things they have in common! Eli is a 16-year-old teenager who likes to hang out with his two friends Logan and Johnny. Their favorite pastime? Solving mysteries! To better understand MEC’s desire to expand the universe of this collection, Toombow Kids magazine asked its publisher for an excerpt of the story and additional information that they provided us in advance.

The Eli Tilmann adventures started in author Mason Ewing’s imagination. With Jonathanland, he created an incredible city that mixes modernity with places like the Magic Bubbles Restaurant, antiquity with historical monuments like Jordan’s castle, and even magic with frequent allusions to rumors of fairies, goblins and witches who live in the forest. His muse Baby Madison cannot be everywhere, so the author created a new character close to the readers who could make them discover, in addition to his story, new hidden facets of Jonathanland.

Eli is not only the narrator of the story, but also our friend. Eli has a close connection to the readers and makes everyone feel special, so he addresses them in a personal way. Almost like a diary, the teenager details every single thing that happens in his daily life and brings us into his private space. Whether it’s his favorite food, the girls he finds hot, the weird things that happen to him, his fears and his crushes, Eli talks about everything without reservation! This makes him endearing, especially since he has amazing adventures that make you want to follow him. Despite this, he is described as a realistic teenager: he thinks a lot about Ashley (the girl he is in love with), is close to his family, sometimes is moody, and hides secrets…

Ewing Publication explains that they want to make the first volume of « The Mystery of Athon Forrester » and the rest of the novels as successful as the Harry Potter saga by building on the adventure novel atmosphere with its mix of investigation, science fiction, magic and mystery. « The Adventures of Eli Tilmann » is rich in plots, characters and especially in details.

MEC intends to develop its universe in different ways. First, many visuals will be created so that the audience can envision who Eli and his friends are and where they live. Also, these stories are conducive to the creation of derivative products, so Ewing Publication and MEC opted for a key element of their new saga. The book that readers will hold in their hands is a sort of mirror of everything that Eli carefully records in his notebook every day. So it makes sense that the first merchandising item from Eli’s adventures is a beautiful diary and a fountain pen with his likeness. In addition, to strengthen the bond between the readers and their hero Eli Tilmann, the publisher provides an email address, so fans around the world can send messages for their hero Eli to respond to. The Mason Ewing Corporation communications team already has other innovative ideas to make this new universe shine, but it remains a secret for now.

Remember the name Eli Tilmann. You will certainly hear about him in 2023 and the years to come!